Why Dog Love Belly Rubs

Why Dog Love Belly Rubs?

You are not the only one been asking this major question. Everyone does when they own their first dog! WHY Dog love belly rubs so much? He would go head over heel when seeing your hands approaching his head or body. Many of our dogs appear to like having their stomachs stroked. They flop on their backs, tongues lolling and tails wagging, waiting for stomach scratching. But why is this so? What’s the appeal of having your tummy rubbed by a dog?


Behavior On Belly Rubs

Dogs offer their tummies to us for two reasons: to show submissiveness and to GET a belly rub. Before you go in for a petting, it’s critical that you understand what your dog is saying to you. Dogs who adopt a submissive posture are attempting to alleviate social tension by demonstrating that they are not a threat.

Petting a dog who is acting submissively or appealingly can make the dog uneasy since you are now stroking him in extremely vulnerable areas of his body! Most people find it simplest to pay attention to the dog’s tail and mouth—but bear in mind that a wagging tail does not always indicate a happy dog. A tucked, stiff, quick tail wag differs from a full-body, loose tail wag!

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Why Dog Love Belly Rubs

One thing for sure is that dogs can’t easily scratch their own tummies, they’re more likely to rely on humans for help. Many dogs like scratching their backs by rolling in carpet or grass. It appears that dogs love having their bellies rubbed while scratching their backs!

Logically, with their rear feet, they can reach their own shoulders, necks, and faces. They don’t, however, have a good technique to scratch their own tummies!


Remember One Thing

The question still remain mystery. Why dog love belly rubs so much? Well some dogs thrive on belly rubs, while others become quite agitated when their bellies are stroked. Allow your dog to choose whether or not to accept physical contact and express their preferred types of affection, such as head pats or belly massages. Many dogs prefer belly rubs in the morning, when they are energized, or when they are really relaxed.

Not every dog enjoys belly rubs. Most dogs do not always want to be rubbed on the tummy. It’s not a huge deal if your dog doesn’t like belly rubs or doesn’t want one right now. Some dogs simply aren’t interested, or perhaps your dog isn’t in the mood.

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