Bearded Dragon Vs Leopard Gecko

Which One You Prefer? Gecko or Bearded Dragon

There are over 4000 species of lizards, and finding the best one to have as a pet is paramount. So, should you get a Bearded dragon or Gecko? Leopard Geckos and Bearded Dragons have stellar reputations among lizard enthusiasts. In fact, they come as close to being perfect pets as any reptile can. However, there are major differences in their habits, activity levels and care needs, and it’s important to be aware of these when choosing a pet.

The Dragon and Leopard geckos are harmless, friendly, easy to care for, and can be an excellent option even for the new reptile owners. The main challenge comes in when you don’t know which one to choose between the two. The main thing is to understand what is needed when caring for these two lovely lizard pets before you purchase one.

House Of Dragon

The majority of Bearded dragons have small spikes, and they all have a beard under the jaw that can puff up and bristle out when they feel threatened. There are other dragon that you can have as pet such as, armadillo lizard and thorny devil.

The beardies exist in different morphs and have a wide range of colors and patterns. Their body can range from yellow, purple/blue, red, white/silver, brown/tar, and orange.

The beardies are among the counted reptiles that tend to be affectionate. They get attached to the people who are around them and always look forward to their presence.  They are friendly, even-tempered, and are safe to be handled by children under adult guidance. Bearded dragons tend to be more social and have a strong bond with their owners. 

Bearded Dragons are diurnal creatures, at which time they bask, feed, and display to tank-mates. The beardies need a tank that is much larger about 30- gallon compared to the Geckos. Baby bearded dragons up to two months old require at least about 15-gallon tank. Bearded Dragons must be provided with a source of UVB radiation.

The beardies should always be housed separately because they are territorial animals and like to protect their place. Housing dragons of the same gender, particularly the males, are even worse because they will always fight and cause injuries.  The only recommended period to keep the beardies together is during breeding.

Bearded dragons are omnivores as they can feed on a wide range of live food, veggies, greens, and fruits. Young Bearded Dragons feed largely upon insects, adding plants to the diet as they mature. Adult Bearded Dragons need various greens and, perhaps, a high quality commercial food.

 House of Geckos

These fascinating lizards have special movable eyelids which distinguish them from other Gecko species who instead have a clear membrane to safeguard their eyes. They have a thick tail, wide head, soft belly, and bumpy skin on the top. 

Leos have a distinctive appearance; they possess a striking leopard-like look that makes them more beautiful. There are various morphs of Leos that come in different combinations of colors and patterns. For instance, we have jungle, carrot tailed or topped, blizzard, pattern less, supergiant, and tangerine Leopard geckos, among others. 

Leopard geckos are friendly, calm, and can get along well with their owners and family members after being around them for quite a long time.  They are happy pets and appreciate gentle handling. However, they can get stressed out with too much handling and may stop trusting you. 

The good thing you need to know about the Geckos is that they require less space in their tank. Young Geckos can fit well in a 10 to 15-gallon tank; it is an appropriate space where they can live freely. Adult Geckos might need 20-gallon tank to help them live comfortably and well. Gecko pets have no problem living together as long as you provide them with different hides, and they do not share their feeding spot.  However, it is not recommended to keep Leos together, they can fight for food and end up hurting each other. 

Leopard Geckos and other nocturnal lizards get along fine without UVB bulbs. Therefore, Leopard Geckos are the lessexpensive pet, in terms of supplies and electricity use. Geckos are exclusively carnivores and they only eat live food. Generally, live food tends to be somehow expensive, be ready to spend a little more money. However, they need to eat once every two days, but the babies require a single meal each day. These lizards can go for a week without food. 


If you are planning to buy a lizard for the first time, you can choose a bearded dragon or leopard gecko. They are both suitable for beginners. You may even be tempted to go ahead and house these beautiful pets together. However, don’t try to mix them, always keep that in mind especially if both are males. 

Bearded dragons differ a lot in their terrarium requirements compared to Leopard geckos, as we have seen above. Also, both pets are carriers of some different parasites, and they can end up falling sick if housed in the same tank. Bearded dragons are bigger, and because they are omnivores, they tend to eat the geckos or cause injuries to them. 

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