Things Your Cat Love More Than Food

What Cat Love More Than Food

Cats are lovable animals. They are smart, cute and funny. You best bet they can have a long list of likes and dislikes. The most obvious likeable things your cat love are the very same things you love as an adult, FOOD! Delicious, crunchy, sweet cuisine that can turn your world upside down.

Just like us, cats also have their own taste but there are other things that cat love even more than food. The ‘things’ cats find interesting, fun, or exciting can change as they age. As the owner of the fluff, it is your duty to recognize what can make your cat happy, healthy and a bit more engaged. These includes:

1. Nap Time

When they hear the sound of a can opener, some cats will wake up, and others will remain dreaming while you pile cat food, toys, or human sweets all over them. Maybe that’s a matter of personal opinion, but think about it. What does your cat do for the majority of the day? Very likely, he’s dreaming.

In reality, cats sleep for an average of 12 to 16 hours a day, and older cats will nap for up to 20 hours a day. That’s a lot of time than your cat spends sleeping, or for that matter, doing something else.

Things Your Cat Love More Than Food

2. Grooming and Being Groomed

Have you ever seen when is your cat not grooming except when sleeping? Half of cat waking hours apparently grooming and it is an important part of it’s life. There are reasons why cat so dedicate so much time to grooming:

  • Grooming not only removes mud and grime from cats’ fur, but it also helps predators and prey avoid identifying them. How do you do it? Some odors that have been absorbed from their skins are removed by licking them.
  • Grooming distributes the oils created naturally by a cat’s skin and hair, keeping her coat smooth, lustrous, and hydrated.
  • Isn’t there anything more soothing than a massage? Cats, on the other hand, are in the same boat! Instead of going to a masseuse, they groom themselves to relieve tension and relax.
  • To establish and reinforce their relationship, cats groom each other and their humans. Cats grooming each other in hard-to-reach areas are common.
  • Humans perspire. Dogs have a tendency to pant. Cats lick their own fur. When it’s really hot outside, cats wet their hair with saliva to keep cool.

3. Whiskers Comfort

Have you ever seen a cat fail to finish a bowl of food after just feeding from the middle? They continue to beg as if they are starving, despite the fact that there is plenty of food left. What really is the situation? Some cats have issues with the sides of the bowl rubbing against their whiskers. The vibrissae, or delicate feathers, on a cat’s whiskers are densely packed with nerve endings.

Whiskers aid felines in a variety of tasks, including locating predators and prey, detecting temperature shifts, and navigating in the dark. Whiskers are very sensitive, and any injury to them will cause discomfort in a cat. Rubbing their whiskers against the side of their food or water bowl can be very uncomfortable, but cats would choose to make their whiskers relaxed over food.

Things Your Cat Love More Than Food

4. Running Water

If you own a cat, you’re well aware that they WILL want to drink water from running faucets whenever the chance arises. Fortunately, there are several drinking fountains specifically built for cats, ensuring that they still have access to cool, new, flowing water.

Any cat breed, believe it or not, love playing in the water. Fill the bathtub or a kiddie pool with a few inches of water during your cat’s playtime if she enjoys splashing around. On very hot days, this activity would allow her to get some exercise and cool down.


5. You

If there’s one thing your cats adore more than food, it’s you, the person who lavishes them with attention and kindness. Cats prefer social contact to food, according to a report from Oregon State University. Food, toys, smell, and social contact with humans were all options for the cats in the study, which featured both pet and shelter cats.

Although there were differences among people, the majority of all pets and shelter cats desired to communicate with humans above all others. So, the next time you see your cat happily and hungrily devouring a feast you’ve prepared, remember that your cat loves you even more than the food they’re consuming.

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