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Toyger Cat Breed Information

Toyger is one of the newest breeds of cats. For your information, this cat has captured the face of a live tiger, as well as the same face effectively and this little tiger is a fully domesticated cat. This Toyger breed is very new and it is a hybrid of the Bengal breed making it one of the premium cat breeds. It is also not like the Egyptian Mau or Ocicat breeds which have natural signs and can survive for many years without hybridization.

In addition, this breed has the full name of the California Toyger. The name Toyger has been abbreviated from it and the word Toyger is actually a combination of the words “toy” and “tiger”.



Toyger is a breed of domestic cat. In the 1980s breeding domestic tabby cats to make them resemble a tiger produced this Toyger breed. Because the striped layer is reminiscent of a tiger. The breed’s creator Judy Sugden has stated that the breed was bred to be a source of inspiration to cat enthusiasts out there about the conservation of endangered tigers.

The breed’s journey to becoming a domestic cat began in the early 2000s. It has been recognized as “registration only” by The International Cat Association. In 2012, this breed became the championship breed after completing all the prescribed conditions. There were 20 Toyger cat breeders in the United States and another 15 worldwide recorded in 2012. In 2020, 469 Toyger breeds were registered in the Pawpeds Database.



As a new breed, there are some appearance features that need to be perfected. However, this breed is more similar to a mature tiger than other tabby cats.

Physically, this little one has a bigger and longer body than a normal cat. Physically able to wear a vertical stripe pattern that is only found on a tiger. The usual tabby stripe and rosette pattern has been broken up and made into length to more closely resemble the tiger pattern. One of the main purposes in breeding this breed is to help prevent the extinction of large cats that are in the wild by enticing cat enthusiasts to take ownership of this cute breed from wild species.

The ideal head has a round mark, which cannot be found on other breeds of domestic cats. The nose will be wider at the base with a wider jaw area. The shape of the head in the profile is described as “half a hexagon.”

  • Weight: 3 – 8 kg
  • Coat length: Short, dense and soft
  • Amount of shedding:  High
  • Color: Tabby brown
  • Pattern: Mackerel pattern


In addition, a Toyger can adapt well when introduced to your family members with your pets and children. You have to play with him to give him intellectual stimulation as well as training to keep his body healthy. This toddler can be trained easily and you may be able to train him to walk with a rope.

Like other cats, you are advised to place this breed indoors only and use it as indoor-paint only. This is to avoid exposure to infections, fights, predators, and most formidably, thieves. If you want to know, this Toyger is sold at a very premium price and is considered one of the most expensive breeds. If you feel you can buy again and are confident that this breed can play outside without any problems, please.

  • Lifespan: 10 to 15 years
  • Intelligence: High
  • Active: Low
  • Vocals: Low, only when necessary

Health Treatment

Toyger is still considered a unique breed, so there is not much medical history to draw solid conclusions about their disease. Importantly make sure you get regular checkups, preventative treatment, and immunizations for your little one.

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