Only Cat Owners Understand

6 Things only Cat Owners Would Understand

Cats are amazing. They play, eat, sleep and repeat whole day everyday. Have no worries at all. Only fun, fun and fun! However, there are certain aspects of cats that only pet owners fully comprehend. Some of them are completely gush-worthy, while others are completely revolting. Many of these aspects add up to the pleasure of owning a cat.

Here are some things that only cat owners have experienced in owning cat(s).

Cat owners

1. Famous Butt in Your Face

You know when you see one. Experienced cat owners get up close and personal with their cats’ butts everyday. Although for the newbie owner this is unpleasant sight to see, it’s actually the nicest thing that the cat is doing. Do you know why? it indicates that she enjoys your company!

2. Cat Sleep During Day, Cat Play At Night

Cats love to sleep in a sunny spot on the floor, it like a basking spot for reptiles. They usually do this from morning until evening. What about at night? Well, after conserving so much energy during the day, you know very well what comes next.

The favorite time of the day is at least one to three hours until the alarm clock is set to go off. She wants to get her everyday workout by scratching at the walls and climbing on your face at that time.


3. Cardboard Boxes are Their Favorites

You put a lot of thought into finding the ideal bed for your pet. You scoured the internet for thousands of recommendations, went for organic cotton that wouldn’t irritate his eyes, and maybe even added some kitty-sized throw pillows to make him feel extra cozy and chic. Then, courier arrived!!!

But suddenly, out of nowhere, your cat just sits there in the cardboard box with no cotton, no pillow whatsoever. It face make it clear that the box is far better than the bed you just bought online.

4. Your Cat is Your BOSS

We all know who’s of charge in a cat house. Knocking stuff off of shelves, leaning on your laptop when you’re trying to work, and meowing incessantly at things that aren’t there are among her favorites pastimes.

Cat owners

5. Fur Everywhere

It’s no longer worth the trouble to keep your clothes clean of cat fur. You’d given up after too many failed efforts at lint rolling, buying specialty vacuum attachments, and avoiding dark-colored clothes. And, besides, when your pants are coated with your cat’s fur, it’s like carrying your kitty around with you.

6. No Sense of Personal Space

Cats rub their butts on people’s faces to express their affection. They leave you no personal space to prove how much they care about you while still reminding you that they are in control.

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