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Singapura Cat Breed Information

The Singapura, or Pura, is the smallest domestic cat breed and is known for its distinctive appearance and caring personality. When fully grown, this breed weights only 4 to 8 pounds and has a sepia-colored coat with huge, round eyes, large ears, and a sepia-colored coat. These purebred felines were once local street cats in Singapore, but are now valued pets.



Though there is some debate on how the Singapura got its name, it is generally assumed that these cats appeared on Singapore’s streets. Hal and Tommy Meadow took the Singapura to the United States in the 1970s and started breeding these striking felines into purebred cats. The CFA accepted the Singapura in 1982 and allowed them to participate in 1988.



The Singapura is a smaller-than-average shorthaired cat with large ears and eyes that looks a lot like the Abyssinian. Closer examination reveals a characteristic soft beige coloration reminiscent of a cougar’s hide. They are muscular and lightweight, with small feet and a standard tail length. They may have gold, hazel, or green eyes.

The breed takes a long time to mature, taking somewhere from 15 and 24 months to reach full size. Because of their limited scale, it’s tough to find a show-quality top of the line from the breed as so many end up being sold as pets — a work for which they’re well qualified and excel at.

The coat of the Singapura is short and shiny. It has a fine feel, lays flat against the body, and needs no grooming. A chamois cloth or the hands will help keep dead fur out of the suit, and since the Singapura enjoys being the center of focus, he will be absolutely on board with the procedure. Just exhibition cats are typically bathed on a daily basis.

  • Weight: 2 to 4 kg
  • Coat length: Short
  • Amount of shedding: Low
  • Color: Sepia agouti
  • Pattern: Ticked tabby


Words like “pesky” and “pest” come to mind when describing this active, interested people animal. It’s difficult to lose patience with a Singapura because he’s such a friendly extrovert, playful in a nondestructive way, and delightfully curious. Over what, all he’s doing is demonstrating how to live the life the right way which is his way.

These cats are alert and interactive long into their senior years, and they read. Those engaged and searching eyes represent the active intellect for which the Singapura is known. A Singapura is not for you if you can’t keep up with this little one who only has one gear, full throttle.

  • Lifespan: 11 to 15 years
  • Active: High
  • Intelligence: High
  • Vocalize: Medium

Health Treatment

Every cat owner should be on the lookout for common health issues that occur in any cat breed, including obesity and ear infections. However, Singapuras also have a few breed-specific health problems to watch for. These include:

  • Pyruvate kinase deficiency:  A condition in which red blood cells break down faster than they should. This can lead to anemia (not enough red blood cells)
  • Uterine inertia (for pregnant females): The failure of the uterus to expel a foetus normally and is a common cause of canine and feline dystocia

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