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Silver Marten Rabbit Breed Information

Silver Marten rabbit is known as the ‘Strange Little Black Rabbit’ and it is considered as the smallest breed of commercial rabbit. They can the darkest of night and yet have glitter of stars surrounding their body.

silver marten


Silver Marten rabbit is the result of new improved Chinchilla breed. During mid 1920s, breeders of Chinchilla rabbits wanted to improve the breed’s color and pattern by introducing new black and tan generations. During that time, Chinchilla breeds have been listed as critical on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Conservation Priority List. Then, new litter with a black ‘sports’ genes born into this world. Breeders describe it as the “Strange Little Black Rabbits” as other litters have silver Chinchilla colors. In 1924, the breed have been given a separate name, the “Silver Marten”.

In 1927, a working standard for the black and chocolate varieties were established by the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association (ARBA). A blue variety of this breed then accepted during 1933 and the next 60 years later, sable variety also been accepted by ARBA.



Black Silver Marten is the most popular variety of the breed. As stated earlier, it is one of the smallest breeds to have a commercial body type, weighing from 6.5-9 lb. the Silver Marten has small ears that stand vertically on its head. It should have dark brown eyes and an underside of dark slate blue.

They should be jet black colors as its fur being black as far down the hair as possible. A glossy flyback coat with contrasting silver markings that are shape and defined. Despite having such glorious black coat, the breed do not need a frequent grooming to look perfect.

Silver Marten only need bi-weekly grooming with slicker brush or a damp cloth to keep it clean. They only need frequent grooming when molting season comes up ( Spring or Autumn). Noted that, rabbit do not need any bath as such action can cause stress toward your bunny and may cause cardiac problem.

  • Weight: 3 to 5 kg
  • Coat length: short to medium
  • Color: Black, Blue, Chocolate / Sable
  • Pattern: Markings of White chin, belly, underside of tail, inside of ears, eye circles and nostril markings
silver marten


Silver Marten rabbit is usually used for show purposes, but it can also be an excellent pet if it is well socialized. Kits should be exposed to new people (you and your family), and animals to experience early on so they  are not as easily spooked when adults. It is very important to the Silver Marten, since it tend to be more timid as reaching adulthood if it is not socialized properly or for long enough.

Socialized Silver Martens are marvelous pets for every singles, couples, seniors, and even families with children at any ages. Children should learn on how to properly handle and play with a pet rabbit since they are very different from cats and dogs. Rabbits need to be treated with care and lots of love to ensure they live a long, healthy, happy life. They also need access to toys and having a partner in crime can make them happy as rabbits love to live with partner.

  • Lifespan: 5 to 8 years
  • Active: High
  • Intelligent: High

Health Treatment

Silver Marten rabbits are no more than another common domestic rabbits. You should considered taking it to the veterinarian especially this small sized rabbit, vigilance is what makes sure they get to live long and healthy lives. There are no cases of this breed had genetic diseases been reported but they still can suffer from other rabbit symptoms. Rabbit breeders have done more then they could to make this breed healthier and less genetic disease. Some of the illnesses seen in this breed is:

  • Dental disease: Overgrown teeth, can change alignment of the mouth
  • Parasite: Ear mites and worm
  • Intestinal blockage: Ingest hair

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