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Rex Rabbit Breed Information

The Rex Rabbit is a maternal and protective breed. What is that mean? It mean that the breed can be great pets for seniors and singles out there. They will always seeking attention and can keep you company all day. There are many different sub-breed of the Rex Rabbit. Actually there are about 9 breeds of rex rabbit which have been recognized by American Rabbit Breeds Association (ARBA) and British Rabbit Council (BRC).


The Rex is originated in the little village LouchĂ© – PringĂ© in France back in 1919. The rabbit breed is actually from a litter of wild gray rabbits. Breeders who was impressed by these rabbits stunning and luscious silver fur have taken initiative to breed them into a domestic breed.

In 1924, the breed are shown in an international rabbit show in Paris. Many breeders took interest due to recessive rex gene. In that same year, they are first imported to United States following the Paris International Rabbit Show by American rabbit pioneer John C. Fehr and his partner Alfred Zimmerman. In 1925, the Rex have been recognized as standard breed in parts of Europe. Soon after that, ARBA also accepted the breed.



The Rex rabbit has a commercial-sized body type. A commercial body is for the purpose of meat and fur. The breed can weigh anywhere between 3 to 5 kg (7 to 11 pounds). Their body are well-proportioned with medium body length and well-rounded hips. On top of that, their head is broad and ears are erect, medium-thick. All of their body been covered by short fur.

The popularity of the breed is largely due to the mutation that produces a short, dense velvet-like quality to the fur making this breed feel extra plushy. Today they remains the number one breed used in fur production due to this unique coat quality. National Rex Rabbit Club stated that, they are known as the ‘King of Rabbits’ because of their unique fur structure. There are 16 colors varieties that been recognized by ARBA.

  • Weight: 3 to 5 kg
  • Coat length: Short and dense
  • Color: Amber, Black, Blue, Castor, Chichilla, Chocolate, Lilac, Lynx, Opal, Otter, Sable, Seal, Red, White
  • Pattern: Broken, Californian


Rex rabbits are so popular because of their calm personalities. They are very docile and are perfect for families of all ages. This is the type of rabbit you want to get if you are looking for extra snuggles. Rex rabbits prefer being petted and scratched to being held.

If you have young children, Standard Rex rabbits are usually recommended. They are more laid back and their larger size makes them less vulnerable to tight snuggles. Rex rabbits are very intelligent. This means they can be trained to use a litter tray. Although not as fast as cat or dog would learn but they still managed to be train with a lot of patient at hands. Put multiple litter box around the house to speed up the training, let it know there are places to do business.


Health Treatment

The Rex Rabbit is no more than a common domestic rabbit. You should considered taking it to the veterinarian. There are no cases of this breed had genetic diseases been reported but they still can suffer from other rabbit symptoms. Rabbit breeders have done more then they could to make this breed healthier and less genetic disease. Some of the illnesses seen in this breed is:

  • Dental disease: Overgrown teeth, can change alignment of the mouth
  • Sore hocks: Bottom pads develop sores and may lead to infection

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