Personality Type: ENTJ The Commander

The ENTJ (Extroverted, iNtuition, Thinking, Judging) personality type is extremely uncommon, accounting for just 2% of the population. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator recognizes 16 personality types, and ENTJ is one of them. People with this personality style are also described as assertive, optimistic, and vocal by others.

Main Characteristics

  • ENTJs have excellent communication skills, and communicating with others gives them a boost of energy.
  • ENTJs personalities like to worry of the future rather than the present.
  • ENTJs are more concerned with factual and rational facts than with feeling and personal problems.
  • ENTJs are very logical, excellent problem solvers, and excellent leaders.
  • They are prone to hiding their own emotions and sentimentality, seeing it as a flaw that should not be exposed to others.

Popular Career Paths

ENTJs are prone to taking on leadership positions. These individuals can find themselves in charge of a community without realizing how they got there. The ENTJ is excellent at supervising and guiding others, as well as assisting communities in completing projects and achieving goals, due to their love of discipline and order.

They will easily determine what needs to be done, devise a strategy, and delegate tasks to community members. ENTJs thrive in jobs that have a lot of structure but still allow for a lot of flexibility. Jobs that encourage them to communicate with a diverse range of people are ideal. This personality trait possesses a wide range of attractive abilities.

  • Human resources manager
  • Company CEO or manager
  • Lawyer
  • Scientist
  • Software developer
  • Business analyst
  • Entrepreneur
  • University professor
Strong leadership skillsStubborn
Assertive and outspokenInsensitive
Strong communication skillsAggressive

Personal Relationships

Socializing gives ENTJs a boost of energy (unlike introverts, who expend energy in social situations). They enjoy getting animated and passionate discussions and debates. Most people can be overwhelmed by the ENTJ’s trust and good language skills in some situations. People with this personality style are motivated to share their point of view with others when they have a strong idea.

Despite their linguistic skills, ENTJs have a hard time interpreting others’ feelings. It can be difficult for them to express feelings at times, and their proclivity for engaging in arguments can make them seem hostile, argumentative, and confrontational. This dilemma can be solved by making a deliberate attempt to consider how other people are feeling. They can find it difficult to understand or get along with people who have more emotional personalities. They are extraverts, but they are not emotionally expressive, and others can see them as offensive as a result.

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