Personality Type: ENFJ The Giver

The ENFJ personality trait, also known as the giver or protagonist personality, is one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality styles. Warmth, outgoingness, loyalty, and sensitivity are all traits associated with the ENFJ personality style. The ENFJ is also regarded as the most “people-oriented” of all the personality styles. They will form friendships with people of all personalities, including those who are more introverted or reticent.

Main Characteristics

  • ENFJs are heavy extraverts who love sharing time with others.
  • ENFJs are known for their excellent interpersonal skills and are often characterized as warm, affectionate, and welcoming.
  • ENFJs excel at inspiring others and find spiritual fulfilment in assisting others.
  • ENFJs are frequently preoccupied with helping others that they overlook their own needs.
  • ENFJs are often prone to being too critical of themselves, criticizing themselves when things go bad and failing to give themselves proper credit when things go well.
  • ENFJs excel in getting people together who have opposing viewpoints.

Popular Career Paths

ENFJs thrive in jobs that allow them to support others and spend a significant amount of time engaging with others. ENFJs make excellent negotiators and managers due to their good leadership and management abilities. They excel at planning tasks, assisting each member of the community in reaching their full capacity, and overcoming interpersonal disputes. They search for peace in all contexts, and they still seem to know how to solve problems and resolve conflicts.

  • Counselor
  • Teacher
  • Psychologist
  • Social worker
  • Human resources manager
  • Sales representative
  • Manager

Personal Relationships

In personal relationships, ENFJs place a high priority on others and are warm, nurturing, and compassionate. They can get caught up in other people’s troubles at times. They are altruistic and want to support people, which may come off as overbearing at times. Regardless, they are mostly well-liked, and people value their sincere interest and treatment.

ENFJs are caring and cozy as parents, though they can be accused of being “helicopter parents” at times. They are actively interested in their children’s lives, including the fact that they can be harsh and even rigid at times. ENFJs have an outgoing attitude and enjoy socializing with others. They get more energized when they are in social situations.

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