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Orange, Sweet Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Citrus essential oils have these zesty, sweet scent that you can inhaled or apply to your very skin. Orange essential oil is extracted from the rind of orange fruits, Citrus sinensis. This is done by cold pressing process, which uses pressure to squeeze the oils from the rind. It not just the rind but also the leaves and flowers from the orange plant can be used as well.

Some stated that orange oil can be a powerful cleanser and bring happiness in your whole house.

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Ways To Use Orange Essential Oil

There are three interesting ways to use orange oil that can give a perfect satisfaction to your need. Such as:

Inhale and Diffuse

Common ways to use essential oil is to add in 5 to 6 drop into the diffuser and diffuse it wherever you want to inside the house. The refreshing scent of orange can raise your mood and bring that smile back after come back from work.

A diffuser allows an essential oil to evaporate, typically using heat. There are some diffuser use an ultrasonic metal plate that act as atomizer.

Topical Use

Dilute orange essential oil in a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil. Then massage your body part that have inflammation. Sometimes a heavy workouts can make your muscles strain and cramp.

You can also add a drop or two into skin care products. Orange oil is a great oil to apply on oily skin but apply it overnight due to its being photosensitive.


Add a few drops into glass bottle spray and use it as a cleaner. Shake it well to mix the oil with water and spray it in your home.


Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Some of the benefits using orange oil have been proven over and over again. Below show you there are good ways to use orange oil.

Relief Anxiety and Depression

Orange essential oil is known to bring joy and uplift your good vibe once you inhaled it. Yes it’s true. It was found out that aromatherapy using orange oil can reduce pulse rate and stress hormone levels . This mean that anxiety and depression symptoms will be less occur.

Pain Reliever

Inhaling orange oil directly can ease your pain. a study from 2017 shown that people with bon fractures felt less pain when inhale orange oil. However, the oil did not seem to help with long term pain.

Improve Workout Performance

Felt tired? Lazy to move? Take a drop or two orange essential oil. rub it behind your neck and then rub palms together to inhale deeply from palms. Feel that rush, that zesty excited feeling to do anything. Researchers found that people who inhaled the orange oil had a significant decrease in running times as well as an increase in lung function.

Other Benefits

Dilute the orange oil into a glass bottle full of water to be used as an insecticide. Orang essential oil is very effective against housefly larvae and pupae.


Safety Precaution

Any essential oil has the potential to cause a skin reaction when applied topically. Some citrus essential oils are phototoxic. This means they can cause a painful skin reaction if you use them on your skin and then go out in the sun. Also keep the orange oil away from your eyes.

If you or your partner are pregnant and breastfeeding, consult to doctor before using orange essential oil and always keep in mind that do be careful diffuse especially when there are children or pets inside the room.

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