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Myrrh, Earthy Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Myrrh essential oil known to release an earthy, woody yet faintly sweet smell. Myrrh oil comes from resin that extracted from the myrrh tree. Myrrh have been used for thousands of years for promoting good health body and mind. Todays you can find Myrrh essential oil everywhere even just order online from the company that made essential oil.

History of Myrrh

Myrrh resin has been used throughout history for the used of perfume, incense and medicine. It was also commonly used for general pleasure and as an analgesic. In the ancient Egypt time, myrrh resin was used for the embalming of mummies while in the ancient Nabataea Kingdom, myrrh has been famously distributed overland and by sea from Southern Arabia to their kingdom.

Ways To Use Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh oil can be use topically, inhaled and also mix with other essential oils. All of these three can give specific benefits for your body and mind.

Inhaled and Diffuse

Add 3 to 4 drops of myrrh oil into a diffuser to release the oil scent as a fine mist into the surrounding air. Let the earthy sweet scent cover your whole room. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can simply add a drop of the oil on a tissue or cloth and inhale periodically or add a few drops into hot water and inhale the steam.

Topical Use

Dilute myrrh oil first with carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. This is to prevent any irritation that could happen on your skin. You also should avoid rub your eyes or inner ears. Wash your hands with soap after applying essential oil to avoid touching any sensitive area of the skin accidentally.

To dilute myrrh oil, add 5 drops of essential oil into a glass bottle and mix with 10 drops of carrier oil.


Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Now the health benefits of myrrh oil have been proven with so many studies and researches. Such as:

Relief Swelling

Have a back problem? Headache? No worries. Myrrh oil can ease the swelling and pain by blocking the inflammatory chemicals. A 6 months study shown a group of participants who prone to have headaches took a multi-ingredient supplement (myrrh pain relieving compounds) have reported that their headache occurs less painful then before.

Kill Bacteria

A study shown that by burning myrrh and frankincense incense, airborne bacterial was reduced to 68% in the room. These two combined helped to purify the air surrounding while killing bacteria or any microbes.

During ancient Egypt, myrrh was used to embalm mummies and myrrh incense used to purify the air around the worshipping place. Researchers proved that myrrh oils can kill bacteria while giving out a nice scent.

Other benefits

Myrrh oil does not just kill bacteria, it also been used to kill parasites. Parasites can come from many sources such as pets, contaminated food or water and also from sexual activity. A drug that contain myrrh was given to an animal orally that had giardiasis, an infection in small intestine and the parasite was killed effectively.


Safety Precaution

Like any other essential oils, myrrh oil is very concentrated, so you only need a few drops at a time. Avoid diffusing the oil to close to babies or young children. If you or your partner pregnant and breastfeeding, do consult doctor first before apply topically or inhaled the oil.

Large amount of myrrh can also affect your heart rate, it best not to use the oil if you have heart condition. Myrrh also may lower blood sugar, hence best not diffuse if you are diabetes.

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