List of Hybrid Macaws

List of Hybrid Macaws and Their Crosses

Hybrid macaws are the product of cross breeding of more than one species of macaw, resulting in a hybrid. They are often characterized and bred for their unique and distinct coloring, and for this reason, are highly sought after and valued in the exotic pet trade. Macaws are native to tropical North and South America.

But first, here are some of the common Macaws that you can bird-sighting in the wild:

  • Red Fronted Macaws
  • Hyacinth Macaws
  • Military Macaws
  • Green Winged Macaws
  • Scarlet Macaws
  • Buffon Macaws
  • Blue and Gold Macaws

Hybridization of macaws occurs both in nature and captivity, being one of the few species that can produce viable, fertile offspring unlike many other hybrids produced from crossing different species resulting in sterile hybrids with factors that limit their success of survival.

Hybrid Macaws in Nature

The hybridization of macaws in the wild is less common than in captivity due to natural barriers and mating behaviors. Due to deforestation and the capturing of wild macaws for the exoticpet trade, it is likely that the hybridization of macaws may increase in the wild in efforts to conserve their species and reproduce.

Hybrid Macaws in Captivity

The hybridization of macaws is usually due to the placement of multiple macaw species in the same enclosure. Breeders may choose to pair different species to intentionally produce hybrid offspring, or the parrots themselves may select such a partner due to a lack of a suitable conspecific of the opposite sex.

Due to the rising interest in hybrid macaws in the exotic-pet trade, production has increased. Their distinct coloring makes them highly sought after by competitive and exotic-bird breeders and traders.

List of Macaw Hybrid Breeding Generations

There are 19 species of macaw, many of which can produce up to three generations or potentially more of hybrids.

First Generation Macaw – F1

First-generation hybrid macaws are the most popular and abundant macaw hybrid there is. Below shown every hybrid macaws:

  1. Bluffon’s Macaw / Buffgold Macaw: Blue & Gold Macaw x Buffon Macaw
  2. Ruby Macaw: Scarlet Macaw x Green Winged Macaw
  3. Catalina Macaw: Blue & Gold Macaw x Scarlet Macaw
  4. Verde Macaw: Scarlet Macaw x Military Macaw
  5. Calico Macaw: Green Winged Macaw x Military Macaw
  6. Milligold Macaw: Blue & Gold Macaw x Military Macaw
  7. Harlequin Macaw: Blue & Gold Macaw x Green Winged Macaw
  8. Emerald Macaw: Buffon Macaw x Hyacinth Macaw
  9. Caloshua Macaw: Blue & Gold Macaw x Hyacinth Macaw
  10. Shamrock Macaw: Scarlet Macaw x Hyacinth Macaw
  11. Hyarlet Macaw: Scarlet Macaw x Hyacinth Macaw
  12. Buffwing Macaw: Green Winged Macaw x Buffon’s Macaw
  13. Milifon Macaw: Military Macaw x Buffon’s Macaw
  14. Millicinth Macaw: Military Macaw x Hyacinth Macaw
  15. Maui Sunset: Red fronted Macaw x Blue & Gold Macaw

Second Generation Macaw – F2

  1. Flame Macaw: Green-winged Macaw x Cataline Macaw
  2. Harligold Macaw: Blue & Gold Macaw x Harlequin Macaw
  3. Jubilee Macaw: Green-winged Macaw x Harlequin Macaw
  4. Camelot Macaw: Scarlet Macaw x Catalina Macaw
  5. Maui Sunrise Macaw: Harlequin Macaw x Catalina Macaw
  6. Rubalina Macaw: Ruby Macaw x Catalina Macaw
  7. Starlight Macaw: Scarlet Macaw x Milligold Macaw
  8. Tropicana Macaw: Scarlet Macaw x Harlequin Macaw
  9. Ruby Gold Macaw: Ruby Macaw x Blue & Gold Macaw
  10. Quatro Macaw: Ruby Macaw x Harlequin Macaw
  11. Miliquin Macaw: Military Macaw x Harlequin Macaw
  12. Catablue Macaw: Blue & Gold Macaw x Catalina Macaw

Third Generation Macaw – F3

  1. Camelina Macaw: Camelot Macaw × Catalina Macaw
  2. Fiesta Macaw: Camelot Macaw × harlequin Macaw
  3. Capri Macaw: Camelot Macaw × Scarlet Macaw

The hybridization of macaws and other parrots is a controversial issue, drawing strong arguments from those on both sides. Some bird lovers insist that hybrids should not be bred because they can muddy the “pure” bloodlines of the parent species. Others proclaim that hybrids are more beautiful, more intelligent, and in some cases, less prone to disease than the pure species that they were bred from. In either case, hybrid macaws are here to stay and have flown into the homes and hearts of bird lovers the world over.

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