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Lemon, Citrus Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Lemon essential oil is one of the most demand oil in the world. Before getting more deeper into this, lemon is a species of small evergreen tree in the flowering plant family Rutaceae, native to South Asia. Lemon fruits have lots of benefit for our body and can be turn into many forms to suit our need. You can turn the fruit into a drink (lemon tea or just a warm lemon water) and also lemon flavored cake.

The fruit, the juice, and also the peel are used to make medicine. People use lemon for conditions such as the common cold, a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency (scurvy), skin care, morning sickness, and many others.

lemon essential oil

History of Lemon

Lemon essential oil is a full natural ingredient that also serves as a home health remedy. It’s extracted from the peel of fresh lemons using a “cold-pressing” process that pricks and rotates the peel as oil is released. In the past, English ships were required by law to carry sufficient lemon or any citrus fruits for every seaman to have once daily after being at sea for ten days or more. This is to avoid having a scurvy at the sea.

Way To Use of Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil can be diluted and applied topically to your skin, as well as diffused in your room by filling the citrus smell and inhaled it. There are others claimed that lemon essential oil can be used as an ingredient that fights exhaustion, helps with depression, clears your skin, kills harmful viruses and bacteria, and reduces inflammation.

Topical Use

By applying topically to your skin, lemon essential oil do help exfoliate your skin. Add it in your daily routine so that it can help give a refreshed, healthy looking glow. BUT do remember to use it only at night or wait at least 12 hours before heading outdoors because lemon is known to be photosensitive. 

Inhale and Diffuse

Diffusing inside your house to filled with upbringing and zesty environment. The chemical inside the lemon been shown to help improve mood with an energizing and invigorating aroma. Besides that, these zesty scent can also clear the smelly odours and help cleansing or better yet purify the air in your house. So fresh, so clean if you know i mean.

Taken Internally

Next is diluting lemon essential oil into water or dessert. Do not have enough lemon inside your kitchen? That okay. Just add a few of this sweet and zesty punch to your favorite treats and dessert recipes. When you used it properly, this zesty essential oil often adds a sweet, and sugary taste to your desserts, without having to put processed sugar or other alternative ingredients.


Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

You may have noticed that when you use lemon-scented products for cleaning your home, you feel more relaxed and in a better mood afterward. Of course, some of that might be the natural result of sprucing up your environment, but the actual scent of lemons probably plays a part in that calming feeling. A study back in 2006 concluded that lemon essential oil was more effective at relieving stress than other essential oils such as lavender and rose. There are more benefit than this such as:

Ease Morning Sickness

Do you nauseated or feel like want to vomit every morning when you are in early pregnancy?  Back in 2014, a study has been conducted on 100 pregnant women with aromatherapy. Lemon essential oil was found to decrease the levels of nausea and vomiting significantly.

Pain Reliever

Sometimes lemon is used in aromatherapy as a natural analgesic. What is that? The anti-stress and antidepressant effects of this oil may helps human bodies interpret pain without panicking. This statement still has not been proven on people but mice showed that lemon oil aromatherapy have change the way they responded to painful stimuli.

Ease Sore Throat

Due to the fact that lemon contain high vitamin C and antioxidant properties, it has been regard as a good home remedy for a sore throat. Try diffuse in your room with lemon essential oil to release its sweet, tangy scent in your room. The calming properties of lemon oil can help relax the muscles in your throat. You should never taking lemon oil orally without dilute it first with a glass of water.


Safety Precaution

Lemon is known to be photosensitive and to avoid you being burn alive, try apply to your skin at night and wait for 12 hours before go out under the sun. It is not burn per se, the lemon oil just make you feel irritate when the sunlight touches your skin. This irritation is called phototoxicity, and it can cause a temporary redness that looks similar to moderate sunburn. You may also feel a burning sensation on your skin in the area where you applied lemon oil.

Lemon oil also not safe for use on pets or any kind of animals. This is because some essential oils can have a toxic effect when ingested or inhaled by pets!

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