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Kurilian Bobtail cats are a Russian cat breed distinguished by its wild looks and short pom-pom tail. The tail has two to ten vertebrae and can range in length from one-half inch to five inches. The tail kinks or curves in a number of directions, giving the tail several characteristics that are characterized by the breed standard as “snag,” “spiral,” or “whisk.” Like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two Kurilian Bobtail tails are alike.

The medium to large-sized Kurilian Bobtail is a compact and robust cat with a robust physique and strong boning. The Kurilian Bobtail is a natural breed, which means it evolved on its own without human influence. It is available in a range of conventional solid and tabby hues, with or without white markings.

Although the Kurilian Bobtail has the appearance of a wild cat, this breed is extremely docile and sociable. They are lively and gregarious friends who enjoy cuddling and playing. The cats gets along with everyone, especially mild youngsters, thanks to its very easygoing attitude. That laid-back attitude applies to the animal kingdom as well; they usually gets along well with family pets such as other cats and friendly dogs.


The Kurilian Bobtail is native to Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula and the Sakhalin and Kuril islands. Although no one knows for certain, they evolved spontaneously on the islands at least 200 years ago. The unusual cat with the peculiar tail piqued the interest of visiting explorers (perhaps scientists or military people), who carried some of the cats back to central Russia in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Russians admired their excellent hunting abilities and put them to work eradicating vermin. The breed became popular in Europe, but it is relatively unknown in North America. The International Cat Association recognizes the Kurilian Bobtail. TICA granted the breed championship status in 2012, allowing cats to compete for titles in cat shows.



The Kurilian Bobtail’s most distinguishing physical characteristic is, you got it, its bobbed tail. The incredibly short tail is not a deformity, but rather a genetic characteristic that occurs normally. It can have 2 to 10 vertebrae and resembles a puffy pom-pom, but each cat has a unique tail structure, similar to a fingerprint.

In other words, finding a pair of matching Kurilian Bobtail tails is nearly impossible. These cats also have a robust structure, allowing them to weigh up to 15 pounds. Their bodies range in size from medium to large, but they are compact, with a huge head, broad chest, and walnut-shaped eyes. They are powerful and sturdy, with males being larger than females and coat lengths ranging from short to semi-long.

Although this breed has a thick, double coat, it is smooth, silky, and rarely to mat. As a result, a weekly brushing will keep this cat’s coat healthy. The Kurilian Bobtail is available in a variety of colors and patterns, such as red, grey, and bobcat stripes, as well as silver highlights, solid, tabby, and any color with white.

  • Weight: 4 to 6 kg
  • Coat length: Short / semi-long, thick double coat
  • Amount of shedding: Medium
  • Color: Variety
  • Pattern: Solid, and tabby
Kurilian Bobtail


Kurilian Bobtail cats make excellent family pets since they get along well with other animals, including dogs. They’re also great with kids of all ages. They are also recognized for their flexibility, thus they can fit into almost any family or environment. These cats are well-known for their intellect, ability to be trained, and tenderness. These are gregarious animals who like playing, as well as being highly inquisitive and bright.

Those looking for a cat that will be dedicated to its human family will be happy with the Kurilian Bobtail, as these kittens like lots of lap time and sleeping in the same bed as their owners.

  • Lifespan: 15 to 20 years
  • Active: High
  • Intelligence: High
  • Vocalize: High

Health Treatment

Responsible breeders thoroughly test their cats for any known or unknown health conditions associated with the breed. Many respectable breeders also provide some sort of health guarantee.

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