Hybrid Animals In The World

Hybrid Animals Around The World

Got bored with normal animals in the wild? Well we have bunch of list that can turn your world upside down. There have been many hybrid animals have been done throughout the world for many years. Here are the list:

Liger, Male Lion and Female Tiger


Tigon, Male Tiger and Female Lion

Jaglion, Male Jaguar and Female Lion

Leopon, Male Leopard and Female Lion

Pumapard, Puma and Leopard

Savannah Cat, Domestic cat and Serval

Bengal Cat, Domestic cat and Asian Leopard

Hinny, Male Horse and Female Donkey

Zebroid, Zebra and any other Equine

Zonkey, Zebra and Donkey

Zorse, Male Zebra and Female Horse

Coywolf, Coyote and Wolf

Wolfdog, Wolf and Dog

Dzo, Domestic cattle and Yak

Żubroń, Cow and European Bison

Beefalo, Buffalo and Cow

Geep, Goat and Sheep

Grolar, Grizzly and Polar Bear

Wholpin, Male False Killer Whale and Female Bottlenose Dolphin

Narluga, Narwhal and Beluga

Cama, Camel and LIama

Mulard, Mallard and Muscoy Duck

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