Every HP Laptop Series Comparison 2021

HP Laptop Series Defined 2021

HP is the world’s largest PC and laptop seller, accounting for one out of every five computers sold. From low-cost Chromebooks to high-end workstations and mobile gaming machines, the business has a bewildering assortment of notebook options for every budget and use case. So, if you’ve decided you want an HP laptop, you’ll need to determine not only which model, but also which line.

HP Model Series

Do you desire a low-cost Pavilion, a sleek and powerful Spectre, or a superthin Envy? Do you know the difference between an EliteBook and a ProBook if you’re purchasing for a business?


HP Omen

You go for the HP Omen if you’re a gamer. The black body and red keyboard lighting give it the appearance of a gaming laptop. Especially when paired with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX visual card. With todays GPUs, you’ll be able to play games on more than just high settings, and you’ll dominate your online pals. You can also immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality.

HP Omens include:

  • Omen 15: The smaller Omen offers the same bright display, outstanding audio, and appealing design as its big sibling.
  • Omen 17: This 17-inch beast can be outfitted with todays GTX graphics card and a Core i7 H-Series CPU. It has an appealing appearance, a vibrant screen, and plenty of performance.

HP Spectre

HP’s most expensive laptops often cost more than $1,000, but they are lightweight, have elegant designs, and contain stunning displays. If you can afford to pay the extra money, these are the top-of-the-line HP notebooks for consumers or corporate users who don’t require IT management tools like vPro.

Some Spectres also come with the optional Sure View privacy screen, which limits viewing angles to keep the person next to you on the plane from seeing your work.


HP Envy

HP’s Envy notebooks are tiny, elegant devices with all-metal chassis and high-end components including SSDs, high-resolution screens, and discrete graphics. Envys are slightly less expensive than Spectres and might sometimes be a better buy. However, lower-end components such as mechanical hard drives may be found on some versions.

Rather than the more expensive precision-milled metal of the Spectre line, the metal is commonly stamped aluminium.

HP Pavilion

If you go with an HP Pavilion, the choice is entirely yours. The Pavilion is available in nearly every inch size. All of these dependable laptops have an IPS panel, which ensures that the colors on the screen are always brilliant. There are also models with significantly more processing power, which can be used to edit 4K videos.


HP ProBook

The HP ProBook is an intriguing business laptop alternative. These laptops were designed with safety, build quality, and the opportunity to extend the warranty through the manufacturer in mind. You may quickly log in with your fingerprint rather than a password, ensuring that no one else has access to your laptop. Furthermore, the ProBook can withstand a fall; some of these notebooks have even been tested by the military.

This implies they can be worked on in harsh conditions, such as dusty surroundings.

HP EliteBook

HP’s EliteBook range is intended for large businesses and provides a balance of security and endurance. These laptops include biometric login options and built-in security software, as well as self-healing BIOSes and MIL-SPEC-compliant chassis. These workstations also support vPro management, allowing IT organizations to remotely upgrade and operate their fleets.


HP Stream

The HP Stream was designed primarily as a digital laptop. Choose an 11-inch or 14-inch model and bring it with you to work or school to take notes and send emails. Do you wish to handwrite your notes? Choose the x360 model, which also functions as a tablet with a 360-degree rotating display.

Also, if you prefer Windows over Chrome OS and are searching for a low-cost secondary computer or first laptop for your children, HP’s Stream range is for you. These series are available in a variety of vibrant colors, including purple and blue.

HP Chromebook

It saves your work in the cloud, is less vulnerable to viruses, and uses less energy. You can use your Google account to log in to the Chrome OS operating system, and you can only use apps from the Google Play Store, such as Gmail and Google Docs. Because the system requires less computing power, the HP Chromebook is energy-efficient, and you can easily go a day without charging it.

Chrome OS doesn’t support Windows programs.


HP Laptops

The cheapest HP laptops lack an official sub-brand, such as “Pavilion” or “Envy.” They are simply referred to as HP + model number. These low-cost systems are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Prices range according to the specifications.

HP laptops begin with low-end Pentium and Celeron CPUs, although versions with Intel 11th Gen Core processors are also available. You may also acquire inexpensive HP laptops with optical discs, which aren’t available on higher-end versions.

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