Steps to Clean Cat Spray Odor

How To Clean Cat Spray Odor

The stink of cat spray odor can make your home smell very unpleasant. Many people find it difficult to tolerate the aroma. It also lingers longer than some other scents. The easiest method to maintain your home smelling nice is to avoid spraying in the first place. If spraying does occur, there are various things you can do to eliminate the stench.

Cat Spray Odor

1. Find The Source

If you seen your furry friend sprays in an area where they shouldn’t, clean it as soon as possible to prevent the stinky cat spray odor and stains from setting and soaking in. If you’re not sure where the spray is as it may be more difficult to detect the source of the odor than you believe, a simple black light can help to illuminate the place.

2. Wipe It Down!

The location and age of spray marks will influence how you treat them. Soak dried stains, particularly on carpet, with warm water first to assist them pull out, then blot them before using cleaning chemicals. Because our furry friends are drawn to vertical surfaces to spray, you may have a variety of surfaces to clean, including walls, sofas, carpets, and even curtains!

On non-washable surfaces, such as walls, wipe fresh marks with a cloth or paper towel before cleaning with enzyme cleansers. Before using an enzyme-based cleaner on washable surfaces such as curtains or blankets, rinse them with water. If the target item is machine washable, mixing in some enzymatic cleaner with your regular washing solution can also assist.


3. Use Homemade Remedy

You can create your own natural cleaning solution if you don’t want to use a chemical cleaner. Combine 100 mL of white vinegar and 200 mL of warm water in a mixing bowl. Shake well in a clean, empty spray bottle. After wiping up the stain, spray the dirty area with your cleaning solution. Using clean rags or paper towels, blot dry.

Alternatively, you can combine 5.5 oz. of hydrogen peroxide with 1 tablespoon of baking soda. 1 dab of liquid hand soap in a clean plastic container, such as a small bucket Using a wooden or plastic spoon, thoroughly combine all ingredients. Apply the mixture to the stain using a clean cloth. Then, thoroughly cleanse the area with warm water. Do not apply a hydrogen peroxide combination to carpet without first doing a “spot test.” This should lessen the cat spray odor and the stain.

4. Vacuum

Carpets and other non-washable soft furnishings might be more difficult to clean and to get rid of the cat spray odor! To eliminate as much of the mark as possible, use a wet vacuum or cleaner. After that, soak the area in enzyme-based treatments and allow them to work before washing it up. When it comes to carpets, you should also check beneath the top layer to ensure that any stains that have soaked through may be fully cleansed.


5. Repeat to Banish Cat Spray Odor

Cat spray stains are among the most difficult to remove. If the cat spray odor persists, you may need to repeat the steps. Simply ensure that the region is completely dry before repeating the previous steps with your preferred cleaning product. Sometimes the issue is that you don’t know where your cat sprayed. If you don’t know where the spray is, you may not be able to clean as thoroughly as you would like.

Hence, to get a perfect look where to look at, try using a handheld black light. Cat spray will show as a yellow patch or splatter on furniture or walls. Small, low-cost black lights are available at many pet retailers. Hope these step help to clean cat spray odor at your house

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  1. Thanks for the tips on making your own. We keep our litter box in the garage and sometimes he misses and it hits the outside of the box. After cleaning it up (we will try your home remedies) you can take a saucers and fill it with coffee and it completely gets rid of the smell in the garage. Thank you for the recipes. Have a blessed weekend. Hugs Joni

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