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Grapefruit, Energize Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Grapefruit essential oil is done by a cold pressing process. The oil is extracted from the glands located in the peel of the grapefruit. Grapefruit is a orange fruit with an inside of reddish in color. Commonly known for its sour and tangy taste and one of the citrus fruits such as lemon and orange. Therefore, the aroma from grapefruit oil matches other citrus oil that provides an uplifting and energizing aroma.

grapefruit essential oil

Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit oil has its own properties that can offer many health benefits to humans. Some of the benefits are:

Relief Stress

Stress is buildup due to high blood pressure or hypertension. This tension usually comes from having too much work. Researchers suggest an aromatherapy might do the trick. When inhaling grapefruit oil, blood pressure and stress are lowered immediately and have a good long term effects. A study on participant that wore a necklace containing essential oils (lavender and grapefruits) for a day and the result was incredible that the participant experienced a decrease on systolic blood pressure (pressure in the artiries when heart beating).

Balance Mood

Not only grapefruit can reduce stress and blood pressure, it also been used to treat anxiety, nervousness and also depression. It is suggested that apply 1 or 2 drops of grapefruit oil onto the palms. Rub both palms together and then onto your neck and shoulder for an energizing mood. Next, inhale the citrus aroma from your palms. Studies link that grapefruit oil has the same calming and anti – anxiety effects as other citrus essential oils.

Support Weight Loss

Believe it or not, some say grapefruit oil may help you shed some extra weight. Add 5 drops of grapefruit oil into a diffuse for a little bit of motivation.

A study done with postmenopausal women for the use of abdominal essential oil massages on weight loss. They were tasked to massaged their abdomen two times daily for five days each week and received a full body aromatherapy massage using 3% grapefruit oil, cypress, and three other oils once a week. Results showed not only a decrease in abdominal fat but also a reduction in waist circumference. This shown that essential oils may help you get in shape but only if you have the will to get up and work it.

Other Benefits

Grapefruit essential oil was known as one of the most powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial effects among other essential oils. Grapefruit oil have been tested against Methicillin-resistant Staphyloccous aureus (MRSA), a bacteria that cause a wide variety of infections such as skin of soft tissue infections and bloodstream infections.

Other than that , grapefruit oil also can suppress your appetite but there is no study on humans but only to the rodents. A study shown the scent of limonene, a significant component grapefruit essential oil can suppress appetite and food intake of the rodent.


Safety Precaution

Before applying to the skin or inhale through your nostril, keep in mind that citrus oil may cause photosensitivity to the skin. It can cause irritation or burning sensation to the applied area of the skin. Hence you should dilute the grapefruit oil with a carrier oil whenever you want to apply topically.

Always check if your baby or children is out of the room before diffuse grapefruit oil in the room or make sure consult with your doctor first if it safe or not. Same goes if you or your partner pregnant and breastfeeding, it is highly recommended to consult with doctor before using essential oil.

Pets also can be in danger when expose to the essential oils since pets like dogs and cats are way more sensitive to the oil than humans. Keep them out of the room or the house.

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