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Genetta Cat Breed Information

A Genetta is a new dwarf breed being created by Pawstruk Cattery. It’s a short-legged cat with an unusual spotted or marbled coat that’s being bred to look like a small or large spotted African genet. And no, domestic cat that has been bred to look like a genet is known as a Genetta Cat. This breed is not created using genets.



Shannon Kiley founded this rare breed in 2006, when she had the idea to create a new cat that would satisfy exotic animal aficionados who wanted to possess a Genet but couldn’t for different reasons, or who simply enjoyed the look of a Genet but wanted an animal with a docile behavior.

Shannon spent time selecting the cats that would serve as the foundation for the new breed before giving birth to the first litter of Genetta kittens on December 13, 2006. Despite the fact that the Genetta Cat appears to be a wild Genet, it is a domestic feline, and no wild Genets were used to create this breed.

This breed was created by crossing Savannahs, SBT Bengals, and Munchkins. However, Asian Leopard or Serval bloodlines, as well as Ocicat and Oriental Shorthairs, may be included into the Genetta breed in the future. Today, the breeders are attempting to get it registered with TICA (The International Cat Association). The goal is to have the breed recognized in major cat registries in the future.



A litter of Genettas can produce both short and long-legged kittens. The one with short legs are considered “standard,” while those with long legs are considered “non-standard.” We anticipate that as this breed matures, non-standard Genettas will no longer resemble Bengals in body shape and will become their own different thing.

Non-standard Genettas may seem remarkably similar to Bengals at the moment because Bengals are being used to help produce this breed. The texture of the coat varies slightly across individuals, but the general appearance of the cat is similar enough to a Bengal that it is referred to as a “look alike.”

The head will be longer than it is wide, forming a narrow wedge shape, with the skull curving over the cat’s ears to make the neck appear longer. The ears should be rounded and big, with the tip only slightly smaller than the base. The eyes should be big and somewhat slanted, the chin should be weak, and the nose should be big and wide.

Genetta cat has long and tubular, medium-sized overall body. Short legs with the length under 8″ is preferred. Their tails are very long (preferably longer than body length) and thick with a puffed look to the hair. The breed has very firm, long lean muscles.

  • Weight: 2 to 4 kg
  • Coat length: Short, thick and soft
  • Amount of shedding: Low
  • Color: Spotted (snow, silver, brown, and black) and marbled (brown, chocolate, sliver, cinnamon, black and snow)
  • Pattern: Spotted, and marbled


Genettas are active, lively, and friendly cats. They like to be active and will even play fetch with you. They make ideal family pets since they are personable cats, and they get along well with other animals, especially dogs. These attentive and intelligent cats also require a lot of human connection and attention. They will seek out your company, so they should not be left alone for long periods of time.

They have no issue jumping on couches, beds, chairs, and other furniture. They can get to most areas a long-legged cat can, but some high counters may be more difficult. If a dwarf breed is unable to reach a high point in one easy jump, it will usually find another means.

  • Lifespan: 12 to 16 years
  • Active: High
  • Intelligence: Medium
  • Vocalize: Medium

Health Treatment

Genetta cat is the new breed of cat. There is not a lot of information been gathered for their health issues. Overall, there hasn’t been any serious health problem with the breed.

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