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Frankincense, King of Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

You can find Frankincense as an essential oil in almost every health shop or specific essential oil seller. Frankincense is an aromatic resin called as Boswellia carterii made from the Boswellia tree. These resin are used in incense and also perfumes. Frankincense is very popular in most religious and spiritual ceremonies due to the fact that it is used for pain and swelling, gas passing, and encourages freedom of expression.

Frankincense has a spice or woody scent to it and it can safely inhaled, apply topically, mix into tea or take as a supplement.

frankincense essential oil

History of Frankincense

Dated back to 1500BC, the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus used frankincense resin for throat infections and asthmatic attacks. Also, Frankincense was used as an antidote to hemlock during Roman Empire.

Islamic philosopher Ibn Sina (980 – 1037 AD) recommended using frankincense for tumors, ulcers and also fevers. AD 100 ago, a sailor travel to the Mediterranean region and Arabian gulf recommended using South Arabian Frankincense was of a finer quality and more highly prized than that from East Africa.

A Greek Writer Herodotus claimed that the frankincense trees are so special that they were guarded by colourful winged serpents. This myth is to warn off other rivals that wanted the resin in the market. and yet make the resin more popular.

Now in modern days, frankincense essential oil are used in aromatherapy. By inhaling the scent of an Frankincense essential oil can influences the limbic system (a brain region that control emotion, nervous system)


Way To Use of Frankincense Essential Oil


In aromatherapy, frankincense essential oil is used for numbers of reason such as anxiety, colds, indigestion, and ulcers. It also been used to alleviate stress and relieve pain.

Topical Use

Frankincense oil can also be found in skin care products. When used as an ingredient for skin care product, the dry skin, wrinkles, age spot, scars and stretch marks they are all can be treated well. Want a better result? Dilute the frankincense oil with carrier oil (jojoba oil or coconut oil) and apply it to your skin.

Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

There are many benefit that been said over the years but some of them lack of proof but here are some of proven benefits that been gathered:

Reduce Arthritis

A study shown a group of participants were given 1 gram of frankincense extract per day for 8 weeks. They reported have less joint swelling and pain and been able to walk further than those who took placebo.

Improve Asthma

Research found that frankincense may treat bronchitis and asthma. A small study been made with a people with asthma. All of them were received 300 mg of frankincense 3 times daily for 6 weeks and most of them have significant improvement in shortness of breath and wheezing.

Oral Health

Frankincense may help in mouth problem ranging from bad breath, toothaches, cavities and also mouth sores. The acid from frankincense have a strong antibacterial properties which lead to believe it may help treat oral infections. A study shown frankincense extract was effective against a bacteria that can cause aggressive gum disease.


Safety Precaution

Frankincense is a mild essential oil and most people can apply it directly to skin without any issues. However, if you experience any burning, tingling, or irritation, simply dilute the oil by rubbing a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, or grapeseed oil, over the irritated area. Do not apply frankincense oil close to your eyes as its vapors may irritate eyes.

For frankincense capsule or tablet, there are a recommended dosage that needs to be follow:

  • Asthma: 300–400 mg, three times per day
  • Crohn’s disease: 1,200 mg, three times per day
  • Osteoarthritis: 200 mg, three times per day
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: 200–400 mg, three times per day
  • Ulcerative colitis: 350–400 mg, three times per day
  • Gingivitis: 100–200 mg, three times per day

The Frankincense capsule or table were reported to be most effective if taken by right dosage.

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