Facts and Myth Black Cats

Facts and Myth of Black Cats

Black cats superstition in Western culture dates back to Ancient Greece. According to Greek mythology, Zeus’s wife Hera once transformed her servant, Galinthias, into a black cat as punishment for impeding the birth of Hercules. Galinthias went on to become an assistant to Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft, and black cats have had unique meanings in various cultures ever since.

In reality, many cultures have different beliefs about black cats. In fact, seeing a black cat has been associated with luck, well not just good one but also bad ones. Thus, black cats are often considered a superstition and are often less likely to be adopted from shelters due to people believed more to bad luck rather than good luck.

Here are two myth for black cat:

Its a Bad Luck to See a Black Cat

You might of heard that you will have a very UNlucky day if you saw a black cat crosses your path. Well on contrary on this, a black cat’s sly movements might suggest to some superstitious spectators that its a naughty cat.

BUT They are also considered good luck in many cultures. Here are two countries that considered them as good luck:

  • Scotland: A strange black cat to arrive at your doorstep is a very lucky day.
  • Japan: Black cats are thought to help single women find suitors.

Black Cats Connected to the Witchcraft

In the Middle Ages, black cats became associated with Satan, witches, and witchcraft in America. Some people went so far as to believe that black cats were cohorts to witches or even witches who had taken on another form and sneak around the town unnoticed as they performed magic spells. This superstition resulted in the horrific mass killing of black cats and sometimes even their owners.

Of course, outdated superstitions are not the only distinct thing but they also have some interesting facts!

Healthier and Mightier

Black Cats

Studies suggest that genes for the black color of the coat of these cats are the same that could influence the cat’s immune system and make it more resilient in face of HIV and other similar conditions. Since cats can experience many of the same health issues as we do, they make perfect models for studying human disease.

The black coat can give these cats an advantage when they are hunting, as it gives them extra camouflage so they can sneak up on prey more easily. It doesn’t take an expert to see how a black cat would fit in perfectly in the dark when lurking on unsuspecting prey.

Black to Rust

Black Cats

Have you ever notice your little black panther start to look different because their fur begins to turn into rusty brown color. This happen when your friend tends to nap in the sunshine, the exposure to the sunlight may cause the coat to change color by break down the Eumelanin a pigment in their fur to reveal the underlying tabby stripe.

According to experts, this could happen if your black cat carries a dominant tabby gene, rather than recessive version of the gene.


Black Cats Very Difficult For Adoption

Most animal shelters have stated that they find it harder to adopt out black cats than any other colors and patterns. Not just that, many animal shelters won’t place black cats in homes during the month of October for fear of them being used sacrificially.

So it you are thinking about adding a little black panther to your family, you might have a hard time choosing which one of these cats and you best best every one of them are perfect companion for you.

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