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Egyptian Mau Cat Breed Information

Egyptian Mau is a breed of short-haired cat with a medium-sized body. It is one of the few breeds of cats that are bred naturally. The pattern of spots on a Mau is its own pattern and does not require hybrids from other feral cats.

Moreover, it is the most active breed of domestic cat. In Egyptian, the word mau means “cat.” This charming and smart cat resembles a cat statue worshiped by the Egyptians of the ancient pharaohs. This breed is also not afraid to play with other cats and is considered a good choice as a friendly and loyal new family member to play with young children.

Egyptian Mau


This African wild cat is considered a cat domesticated by the Egyptians more than 4,000 years ago. In addition, there is evidence to show that cats depicted in ancient Egyptian artwork once resembled the Egyptian Mau in terms of appearance and there is also evidence to suggest that they were used to hunt ducks as well as worshiped by followers of the cat religion.

The DNA data of this cat actually shows that this breed is more closely related to breeds originating from Western countries than Mediterranean breeds. Among the breeds linked are the Maine Coon, and the American -Turkish Angora. Egyptian Mau was first shown in Europe before the outbreak of World War I. During the world war, the number of this breed dropped dramatically with a small number of survivors being found in Italy.



The Egyptian Mau is known for its coat. This is due to the fact that their coat pattern is normal rather than a product of crossbreeding. Furthermore, the brute strength of these tall, strong cats is impressive. This breed’s back legs are marginally smaller than its front legs. This makes them unusual jumpers and can race quicker than most domestic cat breeds.

The breed can be silver, bronze, or smoke gray and is distinguished by a stunning mix of stripes and spots. It is this pattern that makes this cat really stand out from the rest. The strip on the forehead that forms the letter “M,” is known as the scarab mark. In addition, it has eye lines that form the mascara line. This style has inspired the ancient Egyptians to imitate it.

Aside from their coat color, the color of their wide eyes is one of their most distinguishing characteristics. The color of both eyes is a distinct “gooseberry green.”

  • Weight: 4 – 6 kg
  • Coat length: Short. dense
  • Amount of shedding: Low
  • Colors: Silver, Bronze, Smoke Gray
  • Pattern: Different patterns are produced on each color at the ends of the fur.
Egyptian Mau


Egyptian Maus are magnificent cats. They are devoted to those who are nearest to them. The breed prefers to maintain a close bond with only one human (they tend to follow, stalk even chase the person they care for from room to room), but they are also affectionate with others in your family. When you first bring Egyptian Maus home, they will feel somewhat threatened, but in due time, they will become spoiled.

The breed prefers to be on high ground and relax while surveying the whole space. If your studio lacks a tall cat house, it can be found resting on the refrigerator or a bookshelf. This cat gets along with other cats and is self-sufficient enough to entertain itself if you have to leave the house for an extended period of time.

Other than that, it only makes its voice when necessary and it is very rare for you to hear it. Below is a summary of his attitudes and behaviors:

  • Lifespan: 10 to 14 years
  • Intelligence: High
  • Active: High
  • Vocalize: Medium

Care and Treatment

Egyptian Mau has no specific health problems. You just need to make sure your cat undergoes all the usual feline checkups, immunizations and preventative treatments, and monitors for health problems. Among the common diseases suffered by this breed are as follows:

  • Diseases of the mouth and gums
  • Cat Asthma
  • Heart disease
  • Cystitis

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