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Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Breed Information

What is cute and small white rabbit? It is Dwarf Hotot. A domestic white rabbit with a painted color around the eyes. They also known as the Eye of the Fancy due to the color that forms into eyeliner.

dwarf hotot


The “Eye of the Fancy” was developed in Germany from two different strains that eventually merged to become the breed we know today. Although the Dwarf Hotot combines the striking markings of the Blanc de Hotot with the charm of a dwarfed breed. The dwarf version is the result of breeding efforts in both East and West Germany completely independent of one another in 1970s. One country crossbreed a Netherland Dwarf with Blanc de Hotot while the other one uses Netherland Dwarf with Dutch and bred out markings untul only the eyebands remained. In 1983, the breed have been recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). The Dwarf Hotot enjoys a steady popularity and a loyal following back then.



Dwarf Hotot is a compact type bunny which only weigh in 2.5 to 3.5 lbs once fully grown and has a gentle rollback coat. Their head are round, well filled with short neck, the shoulders are supposed to be as wide as the hips, and not show any taper. Their short and thick ears are carried in an upright V shape

The gentle rollback coat is a short dense and shiny fur which does not require much grooming. Also, you may not noticed their shedding due to their small sized body and also short fur. However, they also have a seasonal molting (autumn and spring).

Prepare to groom them every now and then when it is molting seasons to prevent them from ingesting their own hair. You should know that rabbit cannot vomits like cat and the intestinal blockage can be a major problem for your dwarf friend. A slicker comb should be fine for grooming Dwarf Hotot.

  • Weight: 1 to 2 kg
  • Coat length: Short, dense and shiny
  • Color: White
  • Pattern: A ring of black color around their eyes (eyeliner)
dwarf hotot


The dwarf size making them easy to handle for children and a challenge to breed for the more seasoned expert. Dwarf Hotots are known to become quickly attached to their human companions. In fact, you should take caution when opening their cages after leaving them alone for a few hours, as the Dwarf Hotot is known to jump out of its cage in excitement after meeting you. On the contrary, they are not as active as other breeds, they prefer to laid back and enjoy the day with you.

They can run a few laps around your room or follow you around the house before they sleep on your lap. A chewy toys can be the greatest gift for a rabbit especially this cute small bunny. Chewy ball or rabbit-safe wood sure way to fill their day with joy.

  • Lifespan: 7 to 10 years
  • Active: Medium
  • Intelligent: Medium

Health Treatment

Dwarf Hotot is no more than a common domestic rabbit. You should considered taking it to the veterinarian especially this small sized rabbit, vigilance is what makes sure they get to live long and healthy lives. There are no cases of this breed had genetic diseases been reported but they still can suffer from other rabbit symptoms. Rabbit breeders have done more then they could to make this breed healthier and less genetic disease. Some of the illnesses seen in this breed is:

  • Dental disease: Overgrown teeth, can change alignment of the mouth
  • Parasite: Ear mites and worm
  • Intestinal blockage: Ingest hair
  • Spinal damage: Damaged from the force been applied by its hind legs or dropped

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