Pesky Visitor Skunk, Raccoon, Possum

Difference between Possum, Raccoon and Skunk

Three pests which are famous for digging up holes at night and eating in a garbage bin. They are none other than possum, raccoon, and skunk. If you have met these trio, well CONGRATS! They really love rummaging around on human property especially if you don’t take out garbage. These three are fully equipped to bring you chaos with their impressive talents and abilities. Here you can see the differences and distinctions of these three in the hopes that you can identify the animal first before taking appropriate measures to rid yourself of the pest.



Possum don’t equate favorably in appearance, but they make up for it by appearing to be extremely risky and violent. When faced with predators, their threatening exterior and aggressive behavior defends them. Still, luckily for us, this is mostly a ruse. When confronted with a potentially dangerous situation, the possum may normally flee or play dead. Dangerous encounters are rare, and only happen when a possum is cornered and feels threatened and has to defend itself. Possums are most often found in Australia, Central America, and Mexico.

A female possum can be seen carrying its babies in a pouch on its belly and can carry multiple baby possums at a time.



They are carnivores weigh anywhere from ten to forty pounds! They’re so clever that they’ve become famous for their ability to gain access to whatever territories they want. They can also open doors and rip back fences with their tiny fingertips. Raccoons are also one of the few species capable of sliding down tree trunks head first.

Since raccoons are nocturnal animals, they are only up at night. They usually pay us a visit during this time, knocking over trashcans and birdfeeders and digging holes in the yard. Aside from their remarkable abilities and radiant appearance, these creatures are quite dangerous in the wild and can be very aggressive if confronted.

When coming into contact with one of these mammals, take special care since they are known to bear the lethal rabies virus.



Skunks are cute to look at, but get too even and you’ll get a sting you won’t ever forget. Skunks are the most fearful of the three species due to their erratic nature and heavily armed artillery. Skunks are around the size of a small cat, with a distinctive white stripe across their backs that makes them easy to spot in the wild.

When animals and humans see this color pattern, they are all warned, which helps to keep the skunks safe from predators. A skunk’s spray can be more dangerous than just an unpleasant odor;

It can potentially affect you and your pets, and it has been known to be lethal to animals.


Possums are marsupials that live in warm climates, such as Australia. They are not well suited to intense cold conditions. Possums like to live in wooded areas near water, and they are commonly found in cities. They normally make their dens in holes in the earth.

Raccoons can be found in woodland because, like possums, they prefer densely wooded areas with access to vegetation. They often like to be near a reliable water supply, so they like to congregate near rivers and creeks.

Skunks can be found in forests, woodlands, grasslands, and deserts, among other places. Since they live under porches, tree stumps, and rock piles, a skunk is almost certainly nearby.



Eggs are one of the raccoon’s favorite foods, and they may attract the animal. Bees, nuts and beans, frogs, worms, and everything else they can pick out of the garbage can are all favorites.

Possums, like raccoons, steal chickens, larvae, worms, and will most likely attack the garbage bin. These creatures like to eat plants in the kitchen.

Skunks are less likely to be seen scavenging. Insects, worms, frogs, reptiles, chickens, and eggs are among their favorite foods.


Types of Mishap

Raccoons are known for destroying trash cans and raiding bird feeders. These creatures have also been known to enter people’s attics and cause disruption to electrical wires and water pipes.

Possums do much more harm inside the home than in the backyard. Significant sources of possum damage include holes in the ground and leaving lots of dung behind.

Skunks become a troublesome as they take up residence under your deck or in your shed, and they are infamous for destroying your backyard. They can even do a lot of damage to your grass and leave teeth marks in your wood.

They might all be rabies carriers, and they’re all pests trying to figure out what kind of food you’ve hidden in your backyards and houses. They all all have a collection of hefty fangs that they tend to flaunt when they feel threatened. However, they are all vital members of mother nature, helping to keep the ecosystem world safe by eating bugs and dead animals of various kinds.

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