Long Body Mammal Ferret vs Weasel

Difference Between Ferret and Weasel

Ferrets and weasels are two of the more perplexing animals unless closely examined. One appears to be a cousin of the other, with both possessing long tubular bodies of varying diameters. They are classified as Mustelidae by their scientific parents. There are, nevertheless, significant distinctions between these species.



As previously stated, ferrets are classified as polecats of the Mustelidae family. When compared to a weasel, a ferret has a longer body and a shorter tail. They have been tamed for over 2000 years due of their friendship. They are popular as pets because they can keep rats, mice, and snakes under control in the home. Furthermore, they can be found in groups.

Ferrets are crepuscular and nocturnal animals that may hunt and swallow the blood of their prey. Their coat is typically black and brown with some white markings. Furthermore, they are normally larger than weasels, but they have a shorter tail that is approximately 5-inches long and may reach heights of 24 inches.



Weasels are wild and generally solitary animals with long, tubular bodies and long tails. It has a tiny body, which it uses to its advantage when hunting in narrow holes. Their body size typically ranges from 6.8 to 8.5 inches. It has a long tail approximately 13-inches long, which helps it balance when pursuing its prey. Females are slightly smaller than males. These wild animals can reach heights of 5 to 18 inches.

The weasel has red brown coats with a white underbelly coat. The illustration below demonstrates the distinction between these creatures. They are rarely kept as pets due to their hostility toward humans. Many households do not see it as a pet. Snakes, birds, mice, rats, and rabbits are all prey for them.

It can even murder for the sake of a trophy, as the majority of its kills go uneaten. Weasels, unlike ferrets, are not nocturnal animals. It sleeps at night and hunt during the day. The most interesting thing about them is that they are rarely travel in groups because they frequently fight.



Ferrets are dark-brown in color, with a larger tubular but slender body. Its legs are longer than those of weasels. They have a black-brown coat with a white or cream undercoat. Weasels are red-brown in color with a white underbelly.

Ferrets may reach a length of 24 inches from nose to tail, with a tail length of 5 inches. Weasels can reach a height of 18 inches and have a tail length of 13 inches. The bodies of both creatures are slender and tubular. Even though ferrets are larger and longer, they have a shorter tail.


Mustelidae is the scientific name for ferrets and weasels. Weasels are one of the 10 species in the Mustelidae family of 17 species. Ferrets, on the other hand, are subspecies of the Mustelidae polecat division.

Ferrets have been tamed in various nations for over 2000 years due to their friendship. They can be effective deterrents for snakes and rats in homes while providing no harm to the owner.

Weasels, on the other hand, are not easy to get along with. Because they can be violent and wild around humans, they are rarely domesticated. Tricks can be taught to ferrets. Weasels can, however, be domesticated at a very young age before maturity.



Weasels are solidary creatures since they fight in packs. They also hunt during the day and sleep at night. Ferrets, on the other hand, are only active at night. Mice, rats, snakes, rabbits, and other critters that eat flesh are among them.

Weasels can kill and then leave some of their victims unharmed. Ferrets may kill and suck their prey’s blood.

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