Cutest Wildcats in the jungle

10 Cutest Wildcat In The Jungle

You will be able to see that not only domestic cats but also wildcats are small in size and look just as charming as domestic cats! You must be imagining this little one being fierce like a tiger and a lion? This little one is indeed fierce like the big -sized brother and sister but the most interesting thing about them is their looks and their faces that are able to melt your heart. Below will be shown 10 cutest wildcats that can captivating your very eyes.

1. Jungle Cat (Felis chaus)

jungle cat

Jungle cats have other names called Reed cats and Swamp cats. This species is a medium-sized cat native to the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia and southern China. It inhabits wetland habitats such as swamps, coastal areas and riverbanks. Head and body length is usually between 59 – 76 cm. This cat stands almost 36 cm tall at the shoulder and weighs between 2 – 16 kg.

These jungle cats have sand-colored fur that is uniform reddish brown or gray without speckled or striped patterns. It’s solitary attitude, except during the mating season and being the head of the family who is caring to his children. Aren’t they the cutest wildcat you ever seen?

2. Sand Cat (Felis margarita)

sand cat

Sand Cat, is the smallest and cutest wildcat on this list. It lives in the desert and is rocky away from water sources. With its light gray fur mixed with a sand brown color, it is capable of hiding in rock crevices in the desert. The length of the head and body is between 39 – 52 cm with a long tail 23 – 31 cm. The ears, which are 5 – 7 cm long, are covered with hair on the sides of the head.

These large ears help it detect prey moving underground. The long fur that covers the soles of Sand cat feet can protect it soles from the hottest and coldest temperatures of the desert.

3. Pallas Cat (Otocolobus manul)

pallas cat

This Pallas cat is also one of the wildcat species. It has long, thick light gray fur. Her round ears are covered by hair on the sides of her head. The length of the head and body is between 46 to 65 cm with a bushy tail 21 to 31 cm long.

It can be found in vast areas such as in the Caucasus, the Iranian Plateau, the Hindu Kush, some parts of the Himalayas, the Tibetan Plateau, the Altai-Sayan region and the Southern Siberian Mountains. Its habitat surrounds meadows and bushes, where snow only covers the ground as high as 15 to 20 cm.

4. Serval (Leptailurus serval)


You can find Serval in the African steppes. A Serval has the same appearance as a Savannah cat. You can recognize it by some of its physical features namely long legs and large round ears. His appearance is amazing even his big ears are able to detect quickly and his long legs are also able to pounce on prey in the tall grass. In addition, it is also capable of jumping 12 feet into the air to catch birds that are flying in the air.

The genetics of this cutest wildcat is not limited to its heirs. Cat breeders have made a cross between Serval and a domestic cat named Savannah! So this mean they have another cutest wildcat to be kept as pet, legally!


5. Margay (Leopardus wiedii)


Margay is among the smallest wildcats in Central and South America. This little hunter is a nocturnal animal who has an intelligence never seen in other species. Margay is an avid hunter on rainforest trees. When it is hungry, it will try to catch anything that is there like frogs and squirrels. In addition to hunting, this cutest wildcat is also good at setting traps for prey the same size as him.

6. Black Footed Cat (Felis nigripes)

black footed cat

Black-footed cats, also known as small spotted cats, are wildcats in Africa. It has a length from head to tail ranging from 35 to 52 cm. From his name you can already guess that only the soles of his feet are black. With small spots and black stripes on the fur, it gets upper advantage where it can hide well, especially at night illuminated by moonlight.

7. Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)


Ocelot is a wildcat native to the Southwestern United States, Mexico, and Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Margarita. This medium-sized cat has black and striped spots on its fur coat. It also has round ears, as well as a white neck and underside. It weighs between 8 and 15.5 kg and can reach a height of 40 – 50 cm at the shoulder.

This cutest wildcat is particularly active at night due to being a nocturnal. It mostly known to be alone and capable of all sorts of physical traits such as climb, jump, as well as swim. Ocelot favorite food is small-sized terrestrial mammals that it can find throughout the jungle.

8. Oncilla (Leopardus tigrinus)


Oncilla is also known as the Northern Tiger Cat. It is a small spotted cat that you can find in America and Brazil. Oncilla’s appearance is very similar to that of a Margay and also an Ocelot. But his body is smaller, with a slender body and a pointed nose. It is lighter weighing only 1.5 to 3 kg.


9. Fisherman’s Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus)

Fisherman's Cat

Fisherman’s Cat is a medium-sized wildcat located in South and Southeast Asia. The cat population is particularly endangered due to the destruction of its habitat. Its population has been declining sharply over the past decade. These cutest wildcats can only be found along rivers, water lines, swamps, and lakes.

This species has an attractive appearance. Gray hair with a black striped pattern and even spots or patches can be seen on his body. Two stripes on the cheeks, and two more on the eyes up to the neck.

10. Bay Cat (Catopuma badia)


Bay cat or Borneo Bay cat or Catopuma is a breed that contains the genetics of two species of small wild cats. It is a hybrid of the Asian Golden Cat and Bay Cat breeds. If you look closely this Catopuma has a reddish brown fur coat, with a dark striped pattern on the head.

So that’s all we can show you for the some of the cutest wildcats in the world. Follow Our Instagram Page for daily fun facts!