Which Milk is The BEST Cow, Goat or Sheep?

Cow, Goat or Sheep Dairy Milk is the Best?

Almost everyone in the world drink milk and some of them even love to drink it everyday for its health value. The most common milk that we can find in the store is cow’s milk but did you know there are other milk? Such as goat, sheep and buffalo.

A study shown both buffalo and cow’s milk are highly nutritious and provide a great amount of vitamins and minerals, but buffalo milk packs more nutrients and calories per serving. Buffalo milk has more protein, fat, and lactose than whole cow’s milk.

What country produce such highly nutritious milk? Well if you must know, India and Pakistan produce about 80% of all buffalo milk worldwide, followed by China, Egypt, and Nepal, where you find more dairy buffaloes than cows.

The major question right now which dairy milk packed more nutrition and taste, is it cow? goat? or sheep? Let’s take a good look on their pros and cons first.

Cow’s Milk


  • One of the benefits of cow’s milk is that the cream separates from the liquid. Hence, you get cream and butter.
  • Cow’s milk also is a better milk to “feed the masses.” One grass fed, raw dairy farm cow can put out a whopping 6 gallons a day. Imagine if a small farm has 50 cows, that would be 300 gallon a day! Also,
  • Cow’s milk higher levels of B12 and folate than goat’s milk.


  • Cow’s milk is harder to digest due to bigger fat globules. It takes your body about 2 hours to digest cow’s milk, even if it’s raw.
  • The 3rd most common allergy for children is cow’s milk.

Fat globules are emulsified in the stomach into small droplets by bile salts during food digestion, speeding up the rate of digestion

Goat’s Milk

goat milk


  • Goat’s milk is closest in structure to human milk. The fat globules are smaller, which aids in digestion.
    • In a recent study of infants allergic to cow’s milk found that 69% of them were able to drink goat’s milk with absolutely no allergic reaction. The ease of digestibility is also due to the high amount of medium-chain fatty acids (has 35% compared to cow’s 17%).
  • Goat’s milk also contains less lactose (milk sugars) than cow’s milk, which is great because it helps those who suffer from lactose intolerance.
  • Goat’s milk take only 30 minutes to digest
  • Goat’s milk is slightly alkaline, unlike cow’s milk which is slightly acidic.


  • Some people dislike the taste of goat’s milk, and we agree that certain breeds of goats can have musky tasting milk.
  • Goat cannot compete with cow to produce 6 gallon of milk a day. Goat only produce about 1-2 quarts a day.
  • Goat’s milk is low on B12 and folate.

Sheep’s Milk

sheep milk


  • Sheep produce the creamiest milk out of these three. Hence, sheep are famous for the deliciously succulent cheeses their milk makes.
  • They are efficient producers, only needing grass to produce rich milk.
  • Sheep’s milk is naturally homogenized milk same as goat’s milk. That means smaller fat globules and more medium-chain fatty acids. This aids in digestion, just like goat’s milk.


  • Sheep are naturally prey animals, which means they have difficulty “relaxing” while being milked.
    • Sheep are known to be easily scared with anything and if you scare them even slightly, their bodies will produce adrenaline. This counteracts the oxytocin and the subsequent production of milk which mean take longer time for milking a single sheep.

Here are the milk data from these three animals:

µ / 100 gSheepGoatCow
Vitamin A834452
B Carotene0.2<0.1<0.21
Vitamin D0.18 – 0.880.120.03
Vitamin E1203090
Vitamin C470011001500
Vitamin B6836350
Vitamin B120.60.080.4
Nicotinic acid42832880
Pantothenic acid46441550
Folic acid5.60.60.5

Overall, sheep milk is more acceptable to the human digestive system in comparison to cow’s and goat’s milk. Sheep milk does not have such a strong smell or taste as is often the case with goat’s milk. Sheep milk contain about double and in some cases much more than double the amount of solids found in either goat’s and cow’s milk. Sheep milk is superior and belongs to a class of its own.

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