Can You Have Owl as Pet

Can You Adopt Owl As Pet?

Owls are one of the world’s most interesting and exotic animals. In many movies, books, and TV shows, owls are shown to be incredibly friendly, intelligent, and affectionate pets. Still, the main question is can we keep an owl as a pet? Owls are wild birds, and having one as a companion at home is never a smart idea. Even then, it isn’t unlikely.

pet owl

There are so many things for you to consider before owning one. Such as:

1. Legal Issues

It is legal to own one as a pet in the UK, but in the US you cannot own a native owl. Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects these birds.

In certain country, keeping owls is prohibited. Those that want to ignore the rule and keep an owl in spite of it face several of the additional problems. If the bird becomes sick, you will almost always have no choice but to take it to a raptor veterinarian. Only a specialized vet can deal with an owl. Not many vets are familiar with this bird. Moreover, Owls can become very aggressive with strangers so only an experienced vet can tackle an owl.


2. Owl is a Solitary Creature

These are ‘raptors’ who survive and kill on their own. Unlike other large birds such as macaws or cockatoos, these bird do not live in flocks in the wild, making them incredibly antisocial towards other birds.

A parrot’s ability to effectively transition into a human family is due to its flock mindset. Since owls lack this mentality, they see anyone but the one person they chose as their “friend” as an opponent or prey, and will attack anyone on sight.

pet owl

3. High Maintenance

Owls are obnoxious birds that need endless care. They would not allow someone else to approach an individual until they have become acquainted with him. This means you’ll never be able to leave the bird with anyone else. If you want to buy an owl, you might want to put your travel plans on hold for the time being. This means you’ll have to bring the bird along.

Diet is another concern that makes it nearly impossible to successfully keep owls as pets. Since owls are technically a hunter, they have specialized nutritional needs that cannot be met by feeding them seeds, pelletsĀ or fresh foods likeĀ fruits and vegetables. They are well-known for being carnivorous, means they can eat whole rodents from guinea pigs, hamster, quail to rabbit. You must stored their meal as frozen and then thawed before feeding or fed live.

Owls have a beak and talons that are specially made for ripping and cutting bits of meat as meat eaters. Like all birds, they can be sloppy eaters, washing up after meals is another chore that most people find unpleasant.


4. Owl need a lot of Space

Owls are unable to be housed in a typical indoor parrot enclosure. They must be housed in a large aviary with access to both indoor and outdoor areas, as well as a clean bath pan. They bathe on a daily basis to keep their feathers as clean as possible. Owls fly quietly, but if their feathers aren’t kept clean, they make a lot of noise. This noise is making it difficult for them to hunt.

Because they are carnivorous raptors that live in the wild, they may ruin your furniture and rip your pillows apart if you keep them in captivity. Keeping a wild animal at home is a difficult challenge that necessitates complete devotion and constant treatment. Birds of prey are often notoriously difficult to tame.

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