Burmese Snake Morph Color & Pattern

Burmese Python Morph, Color and Pattern

Despite being one of the largest snakes, Burmese pythons are also one of the most often sold and most beautiful. Burmese pythons are typically dark brown with beige patches and two distinct horizontal lines running across the head from eye to eye. Burmese pythons do not have as many color morphs as, instance, the ball python, but there are a few well-known morphs.

The Burmese python is a long-lived snake, with the average lifespan exceeding 20 years. The oldest recorded Burmese python lived to be 28 years and 3 months old.

Before we get into the various morphs available, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the terminology you’ll encounter when you read about and shop for Burmese pythons. Bear in mind that reptile genetics (and genetics in general) is a very complex field of science, so these are very simplistic concepts.

Recessive TraitsThese are traits that come from a recessive gene. In order for recessive traits to be expressed in offspring, they must be passed on from both parents.
Dominant TraitsDominant traits show up even when only one parent has the dominant gene.
Co-Dominant TraitsThis describes an instance where an offspring displays expressions of two different but equally dominant traits
PhenotypeIn reptiles this can be features such as scale shape and color, patterning, eye shape, and more.
HomozygousHomozygous carry two copies of the same trait, one from each parent.
HeterozygousHeterozygous varieties carry one copy of a normal or wild trait, and one copy of a recessive or designer trait.

Burmese Python Morph

The following are the most common Burmese python varieties and morphs.


Albino Burmese Python

Typical albino Burmese are yellow, white, and orange.


Caramel Burmese Python

 As they age the colors get lighter and brighter and as adults the whites become extremely bright. The blotches are a light color and usually outlined in purple hues.


Dwarf Burmese Python

Though it isn’t necessarily a color morph, the dwarf Burmese python morph offers enthusiasts the option to own a Burmese python that will remain at a manageable size, usually about 5-7 feet.



Granite Burmese Python

Granite Burmese have light-tan heads, sometimes with a faded brown spear pattern, and their bodies are peppered with a fine, intricate pattern that looks like granite rock.


Green Burmese Python

Juvenile green or patternless Burmese may retain remnants of pattern, but these will turn to a uniform faded brown, or a dark or khaki green as the snake matures into an adult.


Labyrinth Burmese Python

The labyrinth Burmese is characterized by a varied and broken maze-like pattern and striping on the first quarter of its body.

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