Ball Python Morph Color & Pattern

Ball Python Morphs, Color and Pattern

The ball python is a common and well-known snake. It is a reasonable size, has a friendly or even temperament, and comes in a wide variety of morphs, so you can select the look and style of snake that appeals to you. Morph refers to a snake’s particular genetic mutation. However, the choice of morph has a big impact on availability, ranging from relatively common to practically impossible to find, and this has a knock-on effect on the price. You can also see our list of leopard gecko morph if you haven’t.

Now there are 317 basic morphs and 7206 designer morphs, making the total of 7523 ball python morphs! But here are top 30 most popular basic morph in the world!

Before we get into the various morphs available, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the terminology you’ll encounter when you read about and shop for ball pythons. Bear in mind that reptile genetics (and genetics in general) is a very complex field of science, so these are very simplistic concepts.

Recessive TraitsThese are traits that come from a recessive gene. In order for recessive traits to be expressed in offspring, they must be passed on from both parents.
Dominant traitsDominant traits show up even when only one parent has the dominant gene.
Co-Dominant TraitsThis describes an instance where an offspring displays expressions of two different but equally dominant traits
Alien HeadDistorted heart-shaped blotches containing two symmetrical dark spots, like a pair of eyes
Basic MorphBase morphs are naturally mutated snakes that occurred in the wild or have a high likelihood of having originated there.
BlushingThe faded color gradient present in the base color of many snakes
Designer MorphA pattern that has an almost 0% chance of occurring naturally when selectively breeds two or more basic morphs
FlamingLighter coloration bordering the sides of keyholes and alien heads around their base.
KeyholesThe balloon-shaped spots on the side that typically have a dark central spot.
Key Term for Trait


Acid Ball Python

Dark brown or black base color with golden brown spots


Albino Ball Python

Bright yellow and white snake with bright red eyes


Axanthic Ball Python

Gray, black, white, brown, and silver colors

Banana Ball

Banana Ball Python

Strong yellow colored blotches and spots against a tan base color

Black Pastel

Black Pastel Ball Python

Dark, dusky black and shadowy gray base colors



Butter Ball Python

Soft, creamy-yellow markings highlighted by a caramel-brown


Candy Ball Python

Dark lavender, gray, and beige base colors while keeping the bright yellow patterning


Champagne Ball Python

Dark brown in color with a light stripe down their spine


Chocolate Ball Python

Dark chocolate-brown base colors with caramel colored keyhole and alien head spots



Rich brownish-red color and bronze rings



Clown Ball Python

Tan and brown with copper undertones

Coral Glow

Coral Glow Ball Python

Dark lavender base coloration with bright orange blotches


Enchi Ball Python

Orange-tinted sides and a rounded pattern at the back of the head that shows some blushing


Fire Ball Python

Coffee-brown with a thick, tan banding pattern

Ghi Ball

Ghi Ball Python

Patternless, light colored bellies and a black base color



Ghost Ball Python

Lighter tans, yellows, and even have gray flaming along the sides


Lesser Ball Python

Dark brown, blushed-out base color that lightens towards the belly


Mojave Ball Python

Dark brown to bluish-black


Mystic Ball Python

Dark brown-black base that fades to a tan color towards the belly



Blushing brown base color and clean white



Phantom Ball Python

Black base color that fades to tan as it approaches a white belly


Piebald Ball Python

White base with patches of color that are filled with an erratic pattern



Light brown to copper color with a thick, patternless stripe


Red Ball Python

Deep red undertone blotches


Spider Ball Python

Tan-brown base colors that pale along the spine



Spotnose Ball Python

Faded light brown spotting pattern on a dark alien head

Sunset Ball

Sunset Ball Python

Deep auburn-red with copper colored spotting


Vanilla Ball Python

Blushed-out brown base with a faded head


Woma Ball Python

Brown sides that gradually lighten towards the spine

Yellow Belly

Yellow Belly Ball Python

Yellowish tint on their bellies and a speckled pattern bordering their scutes

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