Every Asus Laptop Series Comparison 2021

Asus Laptop Series Defined 2021

The best Asus laptops are not to be overlooked. While Dell, HP, and Apple are more well-known brands, Asus can compete in terms of price, design, and performance. In fact, these machines are quite capable, with high-quality construction, top-notch design, and impressive performance, and they are among the best laptops of the year.

The Taiwanese company is well-known for producing some of the best PCs and PC components, but it is also producing impressive laptops that look and perform well. Furthermore, the company offers high-quality machines in a variety of price ranges, ranging from premium offerings to more affordable devices ideal for those on a tight budget.

Asus’ laptop lineup is diverse, with excellent budget picks, premium 2-in-1s, and some of the market’s most respected gaming notebooks. Which Asus model is right for you?

  • What about the business-minded AsusPro?
  • The ZenBook, a classy and elegant device?
  • A low-cost but gleaming VivoBook?
  • Or perhaps an aggressive, powerful notebook aimed squarely at the Republic of Gamers?

Asus Model Series

Most of Asus model names are a combination of letters and numbers. It’s perplexing, but there’s some logic behind it. Asus’ Q series laptops, for example, are all 2-in-1s, while the UX series are ZenBooks, the C series are Chromebooks, and the GX, GL, and G series are all part of the Republic of Gamers line. The K, X, E, Q, B, V, and F series are low-cost notebooks that are frequently folded into the VivoBook line. If they aren’t, they are sold without a sub-brand.

Asus TUF: The Ultimate Force

TUF Gaming is the all-new force for PC gamers who seek exceptional durability, consistent stability, and amazing value. Every TUF Gaming product has been extensively tested for stability and durability, is packed with gamer-pleasing features, and has a distinct and original appearance.


Asus ROG: Republic Of Gaming

Do you want to play your games at maximum settings? It’s time to become a member of the Republic of Gamers. Asus’ ROG laptops lack the flashing RGB lights found on Razer and Alienware machines, but they make up for it in raw power.

Because the Asus ROG line is intended to be superior to the TUF line of laptops, ROG laptops are unquestionably the better option. For comparable specs, the ROG laptop is better made and runs somewhat better (due to Intel CPUs vs AMD ones of TUF, i7 CPU is on a different level).

The following are the sub-series of ROG notebooks:

  • ROG
  • ROG Zephyrus
  • ROG Strix

ProArt StudioBook

The AsusPro series is designed for business users that require lightweight, ultraportable computers that also fulfil military-grade dependability criteria. The ProArt StudioBook is a mobile powerhouse with high speed, professional-grade Quadro/GeForce graphics, a wide-gamut display, and remarkable colour accuracy that makes it the finest laptop for serious content makers.



Are you a workaholic? Every minute of your time is very valuable even the break session! In today’s fast-paced world, work tools must be freed. As a result, ASUS ExpertBook laptops are the greatest laptops for go-anywhere mobility, designed for lightness, developed to give next-generation power, and built with military-grade toughness.

The following are the sub-series of ExpertBook:

  • ExpertBook Premium: Pushes the limits lightness with all-day battery life and military-grade toughness
  • ExpertBook Essential: Budget version of Premium but kept the light and sturdy design


Asus’ ZenBook series is the best for consumers. These notebooks have a sleek appearance, frequently in gorgeous colors with eye-catching decorations. Not only that, Zenbook is a compact, thin, and lightweight laptop that features the most innovative laptop technology, NanoEdge screens, quality craftsmanship, and unrivalled performance.

When you combine powerful components like fast processors and high-resolution displays, you have laptops that compete with Apple’s MacBook Pro, Dell’s XPS, and other high-end PCs.

The following are the sub-series of ZenBook:

  • ZenBook: Elegant, trendy and thin, overall best for on-the-go-work & play
  • ZenBook Pro: The professional-grade laptop with state-of-the-art components that is equipped with the best processors and graphics.
  • ZenBook Duo: Innovative dual-screen design for best productivity solution
  • ZenBook Flip: 2-in-1 convertible versatility that let you sail through any task with style


Do you want a good laptop but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Asus’ VivoBook brand is a line of general-purpose laptops aimed towards average users. These computers aren’t as elegant as ZenBook notebooks, but they have all of the capabilities you need for everyday use in any size you want.

The following are the sub-series of VivoBook:

  • VivoBook: Multiple color option and unique design details for users
  • VivoBook Pro: Graphic-intensive tasks, packing best-in-class performance and a dual-fan design laptop
  • VivoBook S: Superslim with striking design and solid performance for work
  • VivoBook Flip: Most versatile performer to be enjoy the benefits of a laptop or a tablet


Whether you’re a student who simply requires a browser or a professional who simply needs the fundamentals and a few web apps, Asus offers a Chromebook for you. Chrome OS isn’t the most feature-rich operating system available, but many of these computers will soon be able to run Android apps, and they’re often relatively affordable.

It has an all-day battery life and built-in security, as well as automated updates that keep it up to date. ASUS Chromebook is unquestionably the greatest laptop for someone on a tight budget!

The following are the sub-series of ChromeBook:

  • Chromebook: Packed with all-day battery life and portable design for work or games anywhere at anytime
  • Chromebook Flip: Reborn into most versatile laptop for enhanced productivity

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