American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Breed Information

American Fuzzy Lop is a small bunny rabbit that just like Holland Lop but with more fuzzy fur. The breed are known to be active and curious bunch which makes them perfect for children to play with.

american fuzzy lop


American Fuzzy Lop came to life when breeders wanted more than solid colors for Holland Lop. They wanted to add a broken pattern to the breed. Hence, the Holland Lops are then crossbred with English Spots and it was a success. The result has some kickback which they failed to keep the Holland lops rollback fur.

So, the litters are then introduced to the French Angoras which are known for their soft rollback fur and not long after, Hollands with soft fuzzy coats have been added into the family. When the breeders are selling these fuzzy rabbits, 4 people came and realise how adorable the rabbits are. These 4 people came to know as Patty Greene – Karl, Gary Fellers, Kim Landry and Margaret Miller. Out of 4 who bought and trying to perfecting Holland’s fuzzy coat, Patty Greene – Karl succeeded in developing wooly rabbits by mating 2 Holland Lops that carrying wooly gene resulting 1 out of 4 litters with wooly coat due to recessive ‘wooly’ genetic.

In 1981, Patty decided to named the wooly Holland Lops as the new breed, American Fuzzy Lop. In 1985, she signed up AFL for American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) Convention in Houston, Texas. After 4 years later, ARBA finally made AFL as recognized breed.



First, American Fuzzy Lop is a small sized rabbit and much resembles to Holland Lop, except for the fuzzy fur. The breed has a short, compact body. A broad chest, short shoulders and well-rounded hindquarters. They have a short and flat muzzle combine with a lop-ears along side of the face.

Their long coat are actually wool! It can be spun into yarn and made into different kinds of clothes (Note: their coat only 2 inches in length.) AFL fur is coarse meaning the coat will not be prone to be tangled or matted. However, their tail area are prone to matt from sitting.

  • Weight: 1 to 2 kg
  • Coat length: Long
  • Color: Agouti (Combination of white with chestnut, chinchilla, lynx, opal and squirrel), Pure white
  • Pattern: None
american fuzzy lop


American Fuzzy Lops only need 4 words. Playful, active, friendly and curious. These 4 ingredients are perfect for families with younger children. The breed also seems ideal for singles or couples who are first-timer owners. AFL also a low maintenance animals which only required weekly grooming. This also give you a chance to adopt another AFL!

American Fuzzy Lops can be either outdoor or indoor pet, or it can be both. Their playful side can be seen outdoors where they have plenty of space to running or hopping around and eat plenty of ‘pesticide-free’ grass. American Fuzzy Lops also love to hang out indoors and not just that, they may hang out with their families whenever they feel like it. Give them chewy toys so that they can stick around with you and have some family time. 

  • Lifespan: 5 to 7 years
  • Active: High
  • Intelligent: Medium

Health Treatment

American Fuzzy Lops are no more than another common domestic rabbit. You should considered taking it to the veterinarian especially this small sized rabbit, vigilance is what makes sure they get to live long and healthy lives. There are no cases of this breed had genetic diseases been reported but they still can suffer from other rabbit symptoms. Rabbit breeders have done more then they could to make this breed healthier and less genetic disease. Some of the illnesses seen in this breed is:

  • Dental disease: Overgrown teeth, can change alignment of the mouth
  • Parasite: Ear mites and worm
  • Intestinal blockage: Ingest hair

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