Amazing Facts About Animals

25 Amazing Facts About Animals

Animals are amazing things that ever happen, just like all of us, they are unique and sometimes very unusual in their own behavior. You think you know some but you most likely only knew a tiny bit of them. You can follow our Instagram account for new weird and yet interesting facts, we post daily for your enjoyment!

Amazing Facts About Animals

25 Amazing Facts That Will Shock You

  • When a Ferret is threatened, it will start to dance! It’ll arch its back, puff its’ tail and move side to side.
  • Leopard Gecko shed it skin to prevent it smell from being detected
  • King Sheperd is the biggest Shepherd of all, weigh about 69kg! It is a crossbreed between German Shepherd and Malamute
  • Nebelung is a long coated relative of Russian Blue. The meaning behind its name is “The creature of the mist” in German because of its shiny blue coat.
  • Snail can hibernate up to 3 years if the weather is too hot or too cold. It need moisture to survive.
  • Parrot fish create a transparent cocoon in order to prevent it scent caught from predators at night
  • Bats are the only flying mammals and fast one too! These little creatures can reach speed of 100 mph (160km/h)
  • Great Ocean Manta Ray is the biggest ray in the world. Manta means blanket in Spanish!
  • Armadillo Girdled Lizard is named after the Armadillo because they curl up and bite their tails to protect themselves from predators
  • Female Kangaroo need to clean her pouch or marsupium in Latin from time to time to avoid a complete mess by joey. Inside the pouch there usually will be pee, poop and also dirt from joey.
  • When threatened, Hagfish deploy slime, literally buckets of slime. In some experiments one hagfish filled a 2-gallon bucket (7.5 L) with slime in seconds.
  • Chinese Giant are known as the largest amphibians in the world. They use smell and touch to find their prey due to poor eyesight.
  • Ragdoll cats get their name from the tendency from the original breeding stock to go limp and relaxed when picked up.
  • Velvet Ants are actually wasps. The females are wingless and hairy. Although they look furry, each of them can give an extreme painful sting which give them nickname of ‘Cow Killers’!
  • Sand cats have furry paws that don’t leave footprints on sand.
  • Pangolins are scaly anteaters. There are only 8 species in the world and all of them are under threat from poachers.
  • Silverback Gorilla can lift 1,810 kg on a bench press and it bite pressure measuring up to 1,300 psi, stronger than lion and shark.
  • Mandarin Duck is considered as one of the most beautiful duck in the world that is of course only male have bright colorful feathers while female look commonly grey.
  • Hamster’s teeth are always growing, hence providing chew toys and chew sticks to help them wear it down.
  • Skippers are the fastest butterfly that can fly with the top speed of 60 km/h as most butterflies can only reach 8 to 12 km/h.
  • Low-frequency sounds made by owl flight are inaudible, no matter the distance. Their wings are serrated on the leading edge allowing owls to fly faster and less noisy.
  • Golden Poison Frog is a territorial and live on the ground type frog. It contain enough poison to kill 20,000 mice or 10 people.
  • Slow Loris is a cute but deadly animal. It have glands on the sides of it’s elbows. The glands release a foul-smelling toxic fluid by which Loris lick and bite the predator causing an allergic reaction and anaphylactic shock.
  • Mantis Shrimps are the boxing champs under the sea. Their punches have the force of 22. caliber bullet and can swing about the speed of 23 meters per second.
  • Cuttlefish has the most sophisticated skin in the world. It wear a cloak of invisibility that can match its’ surrounding accurately thanks to is tiny pigmented organ, chromatophore.

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