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Gargoyle Geckos are a great pet for beginners. They are easy to care for, easy to feed and enjoy handling. Compared to most species on this list they quite enjoy frequent human interaction and occasional handling.

Care Requirement

A medium-sized tank is all that is needed for a gargoyle gecko. Although they can be held in a 10-gallon tank, a vivarium measuring 12x12x12 is preferred. You will want to search for a front-facing door and ventilation, since either glass or plastic can help with humidity retention. These are arboreal geckos, so they’ll need a lot of space to ascend. The taller the tank, the more it would resemble their natural environment.

At the bottom of the enclosure, you can add some climbable branches and vines, as well as a little box for hiding. The gargoyle gecko, like most reptiles, would love a hiding spot.

Gargoyle Gecko


These geckos don’t need to be held in a hot climate. You do not even require supplemental heating or lighting because they are so adaptable. Many gecko users, on the other hand, choose a heat source like a heat lamp, ideally with white or transparent low-wattage incandescent/halogen bulbs. You’ll want to avoid temperatures exceeding 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are using a basking lamp, aim to keep one side of the enclosure in between 70 to 80 degrees.


Gargoyle geckos can benefit from any kind of light during the day, which can help them control their day/night cycle, increase their appetite, movement, and overall health.

Aim to keep their light on for 12 hours a day.



Geckos need a relatively high level of humidity in their enclosure at all times—aim for between 60 and 70 percent humidity at all times. A automated hygrometer can help gecko owners keep track of humidity levels and alter ventilation to ensure enough moisture is trapped. If necessary, mist the substrate and plants on a regular basis.

You should mist vigorously in the evening and only lightly in the morning, depending on how well your gecko’s enclosure retains humidity. The extra droplets can be used as a source of water for your gecko.


For your Gargoyle gecko, select an absorbent substrate like bark leaves, a combination of soil and moss, or even newspaper. To keep your gecko from eating them, make sure the fragments are very few.

Gargoyle Gecko


The sweet and friendly nature of the Gargoyle gecko is well-known. They adjust well to life as a pet and can enjoy long, stable lives if properly cared for and their basic needs are met. When your gecko is nervous, it will release its tail, which will develop back in a few months. And if they can tolerate handling, make sure the first sessions are just a day or two long.

When housed with other geckos, the Gargoyle gecko, despite being generally docile, may display territorial behavior. A single bonded pair may, however, be housed together in some situations. Geckos are crepuscular, which means they are most active at sunrise and sunset. So don’t be surprised if they seem to be stationary for the majority of the day before beginning to ascend as the sun rises.


Health Treatment

There are a few things you should look out for when taking a gecko as pet. Such as:

  • Mouth rot or stomatitis: Signs include excess mucus and redness around the mouth
  • Metabolic bone disease: Occurs when geckos does not take enough calcium
  • Respiratory infection: Symptoms are wheezing or drooling
  • Skin issues: A rash, symptomatic of a parasitic infection; uneven or difficulty shedding which may be caused by inadequate enclosure humidity

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