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9 Colors of Cat That You Should See

The coat of a colored cat is determined by different things the color of the cat, color repartition, pattern and tipping. These 4 components add up together to define the coat of the cat.

The first thing that determine a cat coat is its color. Second, the cat color is either tabby or solid. Being tabby means that the cat has some markings and also ‘M’ marking on its face. If a cat do not has markings, then he is said to be solid. Those marking we spoke above can be of different kind of pattern.

Third are the color repartition. For some cats, the density of color is the same on the whole of its body and for others, their extremities can be more colorful or darker. This color repartition is associated to the pointed patterns. Fourth, comes the white spotting. You can notice that some cat have white spots on their bodies while others don’t. Finally, the cat can have some tipping, meaning that the color is not uniform on the hair. Therefore, only part of the cat hair is colored, which can give some silver reflect to the cat.


Coat Color

The coat color can be divided in three categories which are the black based colors, the red based colors and white.

  • White

These cats are entirely white without any markings. Their nose leather and toe beans are pink. Some white cats have odd-eyed.

  • Red-based Color

Red based color divided into two, red and cream. The red colors have many other names, ginger, orange, marmalade. It comes in many shades of red from a very warm and deep red to a yellowish color. While the cream color is a dilution of the red color. The color is pale with a pastel cream color.

Black-based Color

Black based colors separated into black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn. Blue, lilac and fawn are dilutions of black, chocolate and cinnamon.

Black is the most common cat color. The fur, nose leather and paw pads are black. Sometimes black cats can appear brownish because of sun discoloration. Blue color is often called grey by cat lovers, it can go from a pale blue-grey to a deep slate grey. Fawn is a warm pinkish beige color.

Lilac is a warm lavender color with slight pink while cinnamon is a, well it’s a color of a cinnamon stick. It is a warm light brown color. Chocolate color is the opposite of cinnamon, a dark brown color.

The lilac and fawn or the chocolate and cinnamon can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from each other, especially in these pictures. The only way to distinguish those colors is by looking the nose leather’s color.

The nose leather for chocolate colored cat is chocolate (obviously) and the paw pads color goes from brown salmon pink to milk-chocolate. Cinnamon colored cat has a cinnamon-brown nose leather and paw pads from cinnamon brown to pinkish tan. Fawn colored cat has pinkish fawn nose leather and paw pads. The nose leather and paw pads are lavender pink for lilac colored cat.

The nose leather and paw pads for a blue colored cats are either dark blue or dark grey. Black cat has all black color from fur, nose leather to paw pads.

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