Hypoallergenic Cat As a Pet

5 Hypoallergenic Cat As a Pet

If you have a cat allergy, you should definitely reconsider having it. Any people will develop allergies if they come into contact with a cat. Itchy eyes and sneezing are caused by the influence of feline. But did you know that such hypoallergenic cat breeds do not aggravate your allergies?

1. Bengal


Cat owners are obsessed of this exotic-looking cat breed. The Bengal breed, whether indoors or out, is very involved and wild. In recent years, this hypoallergenic breed has grown in popularity. This is due to his unique attitude and impressive physique. According to reports, Bengal breeds yield less Fel d 1 protein than other breeds. Her hair is also less prone to falling out.

Therefore, many owners who suffer from allergies report that this Bengal species is less likely to trigger the allergy problem.

2. Siberian

Siberian Cat

One of the hypoallergenic breeds is Siberian cats. It has dense, long fur that protects it from the cold and snow. This means that compared to other breeds, the Siberian contains much less Fel d 1 protein. Be mindful that these cats have a relatively high upkeep expense in terms of care requirements and weekly hair brushing. Especially in the spring and autumn.

This Siberian cat often has a positive personality and disposition, as well as a playful nature. These three bundles have captured the hearts and minds of the people who are willing to protect them. The poor disposition, on the other hand, makes this cat an excellent alternative for keeping and being a new family member because it does not make mean jokes around small children. Many people think it’s unsustainable in the summer because of its cute and fluffy look.

3. Russian Blue

Russian Blue
Blue Cat

The introduction of this breed’s stunning grey fur coat has made it very famous. It even has emerald or green eyes that glitter. This breed makes an excellent puppy. This is because, despite having a heavy and dense fur coat, Russian Blue contains a limited amount of Fel d 1 protein. Indirectly, this makes it the safest option for people allergic to cats.

4. Siamese


The common Siamese cat breed is often said to be low-allergen, but there is no conclusive scientific proof to support this claim. These curious cats have a low-maintenance coat that sheds little and only needs grooming once a week. However, they prefer to spend as much time as possible with their favorite humans, which may cause allergies in some people.


5. Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental is a hybrid between the American shorthair, Abyssinian, and Siamese cat breeds. These athletic, playful, and intelligent cats shed moderately and need to be brushed twice a week. Using a wet rag to scrub dead hair and dander may also help to reduce allergens. Cat lovers claim Oriental Shorthair is a part of hypoallergenic cat follow by their parent, Siamese.

6. Balinese


Except for its long hair and full plume tail, the Balinese is almost similar to the Siamese cat breed in several ways. Despite its long hair, the affectionate and active breed is recognized for being a low-shedder that only needs brushing once a week. These cats been claimed as hypoallergenic since it can also have lower levels of the allergen-causing Fel d 1 protein than most cats.

7. Devon Rex

Devon Rex

Some people consider the Devon Rex to be one of the safest cat breeds for allergy sufferers. Because of its wavy hair, it doesn’t shed much, limiting the distribution of dander and other allergens in your household. These cats are gregarious and adventurous, and they love to participate in their owners’ activities.

8. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

Some owners claim that the Cornish Rex’s short, wavy coat doesn’t shed as much dander as longhaired or dense-coated cats. Cornish cats have just a thin undercoat with no topcoat. These cats are intelligent and healthy in general, and they like being the center of focus.


9.Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex, in contrast to the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex, is a much more laid-back cat. This breed, like the other Rex cats, has a wavy coat that sheds minimally. Brushing at least twice a week is recommended to eliminate dead hair and tangles, as well as to limit the distribution of allergens.

10. Sphinx


The Sphynx is a furless cat breed. Just soft hairs can be found in many parts of the body, such as the head. Since this breed has almost no coat, allergenic proteins formed by saliva cannot get stuck in their fur, making it suitable for allergy sufferers.

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