Cutest Robotic Pets 2021

5 Cutest Robotic Pets 2021

Robot pets have gone a long way since their introduction on the market a few decades ago. Modern-day versions are smarter than ever before, and many employ AI-technology to ‘learn’ from their interactions. Robotic pets and companions are growing increasingly popular as time passes. Some contemporary models have been far more complex than their predecessors since their debut in the 1990s.

But will robots ever replace real animal pets? As they become ever more realistic in appearance and character it’s a distinct possibility in the future. Here we have shared the benefits of robotic pets.

However, for many people, an artificial robotic alternative for a real-life pet like a cat or a dog will never exist. It is more likely that robotic pets will supplement rather than totally replace real animals. Less engaging pets, such as fish, are more likely to be completely supplanted by robotic ones in the future. After all, you’d get all the benefits of watching fish swimming around a tank without the worry of having to feed them or clean the tank.

Here are the 5 cutest robotic pets there are right now!

1. PARO Therapeutic Seal


PARO, a sophisticated interactive robot developed by AIST, is possibly the prettiest robot we’ve ever seen. This little robot, designed to appear like a seal pup, is a sophisticated interactive robot. The robot pet’s concept is to provide stress relief as a sort of animal therapy. PARO can perceive humans and their environments using five types of sensors: touch, light, auditory, temperature, and posture sensors. PARO even learns how best to interact with patients and will learn to respond to a new name.

"By interaction with people, PARO responds as if it is alive, moving its head and legs, making sounds, and showing your preferred behavior. PARO also imitates the voice of a real baby harp seal." According to their website

2. AIBO Robotic Dog


AIBO, or Artificial Intelligence Bot to give it its full name, is one of the most advanced home robots on the market. This adorable and extremely interactive animal robot will have you falling in love with it in no time. It has a four-legged motion that sees color, feels objects, and hears in stereo. Since the first AIBO was produced in 1998, the latest iteration of this long-running series of pet robots has come a long way.

Sony stated in November 2017 that their current generation would be released after a brief pause between 2014 and 2017. The fourth generation model, the ERS-1000, was released in Japan on January 11, 2018 and has since been sold all over the world.


3. Qoobo Cushion With Tail


Qoobo is a swishy robotic cushion with a huggable tail. This tiny robot was created from the ground up to be a soothing, therapeutic companion for its owners. This little robot pet lacks a face and whiskers, as well as legs, and will not converse with you audibly. However, it will move its tail in response to various stimuli such as being stroked slowly or touched.

Qooba can run for eight hours on a single charge!

4. Furby


Furbies were popular a little more than a decade ago, yet they haven’t gone away. If you’ve never seen one, they’re electronic robots that look like a hairy owl. Furbies can communicate in more than 24 different languages and engage with their owners.

The first Furby was released in 1998 and was a best-seller for several years. Each newly purchased Furby begins by speaking exclusively in “Furbish,” the unique language used by all Furbies, but is programmed to gradually begin adopting English (or another language) words and phrases in place of Furbish.


5. Yume Neko Robot Cat

Yume Neko

Yume Neko is the ideal domestic robot companion for cat enthusiasts who don’t want to get scratched, bitten, or have a fur allergy. The ideal lap cat, looking and feeling exactly like the genuine thing. While it can interact, though in a limited capacity, you will undoubtedly fall in love with this tiny cuddly-bot. This robot cat can purr, meow, and even detect when you are nearby.

This pet responds to your actions by making sounds and enjoys it when you rub its fur with comb. Yume Neko Dream Cat Premium moves its ears, blinks its eyes, and opens and shuts its mouth.

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