Benefits of Collagen

5 Benefits of Collagen For You

Collagen is the body’s most available protein. The benefits of collagen is that it play an important role of connecting tissues, which include tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles. It has a variety of roles, including adding shape to the skin and protecting your bones. Collagen supplements have been increasingly common in recent years. Most collagen is hydrolyzed, which ensures it has been broken down to make it easy to digest.

Pork skin and bone broth are two other ingredients that can help you get more collagen in your diet. Collagen use can have a number of health effects, ranging from joint pain relief to improved skin health.

5 Benefits of Collagen


1. Joint Pain Relief

The benefits of collagen is it helps to keep the cartilage, the rubbery tissue that covers the joints, in good shape. When you grow older, the amount of collagen in the body decreases, increasing the chances of contracting degenerative joint conditions like osteoarthritis. Collagen supplements have been shown in some trials to assist with osteoarthritis effects and overall joint pain reduction.

In one study, 73 athletes who took 10 grams of collagen everyday for 24 weeks had a substantial reduction in joint discomfort while walking and at rest, comparison to a control group. Supplemental collagen can accumulate in cartilage and stimulate your tissues to produce collagen, according to researchers. They believe that this would result in less inflammation and more support.

2. Improve skin health

Collagen is a crucial part of the skin’s structure. Hence one of the benefits of collagen is it helps to repair skin and can improve elasticity and hydration. As you get older, the body develops less and less, resulting in dry skin and wrinkles. Collagen peptides or vitamins containing collagen, on the other hand, have been shown in many trials to help delay the ageing of the skin by reducing wrinkles and dryness.

In one study, women who took a 2.5–5 grams collagen supplement for 8 weeks had less skin dryness and a substantial improvement in skin elasticity than those who did not take the supplement.

Another research discovered that women who consumed a liquid containing a collagen supplement on a normal basis for 12 weeks had improved skin hydration and a major decrease in wrinkle deterioration.

Taking collagen supplements can also encourage the development of other proteins that support skin structure, such as elastin and fibrillin.


3. Increase Muscle Mass

Collagen supplements have been shown in studies to benefit patients with sarcopenia, or the lack of muscle mass that occurs as people age.

In one study, 27 men took 15 grams of collagen daily for 12 weeks while engaging in an exercise program. Men who exercised and take collagen acquired slightly more muscle mass and strength than men who did not exercise but did not take collagen.

4. Prevent Bone Loss

Bone mass deteriorates as you age, much like collagen in your body. This could lead to problems like osteoporosis, which is marked by low bone density and is related to an increased risk of bone fractures.

For a 12-month period, two group of women were given either a calcium supplement with 5 grams of collagen or a calcium supplement with no collagen. The women who took the calcium and collagen supplement had slightly lower blood levels of proteins that facilitate bone degradation by the end of the study than those who only took calcium.


5. Reduce Heart-related Condition

Collagen gives the arteries, or blood vessels that take blood from your heart to the rest of the body, structure. Collagen deficiency can cause arteries to become thin and brittle. This could result in atherosclerosis, a condition characterized by artery narrowing. Atherosclerosis increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Thirty-one stable adults were given 16 grams of collagen daily for six months in one trial. They had a substantial decrease in tests in artery stiffness by the end of the study, compare to when they began taking the supplement.

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