Pacman Frog Morph Color & Pattern

15 Pacman Frog Morph

Pacman frogs are popular among amphibian enthusiasts because they come in a variety of morphs and colors. If you’re new to the Pacman Frog universe, “morph” is simply a fancy term for the decorations on the frog’s backpack. The variations and colors give each frog a distinct and intricate appearance.

1. Standard Green

Green Pacman Frog

Pacman as we know it the Green “normal” Pacman has a frog morph or color. It is brilliant green with brown dots all over its body. This is the frog’s typical color, and it is the most widely offered in the pet sector. In the wild, these frogs are brown, not green.

2. Albino Patternless

The Albino Pacman Frog is colorless. As a result, its skin tone is almost yellow or orange. It also has crimson eyes, which are common in albino animals. Because these frogs lack color, the blood arteries beneath their skin and bodies are visible. As a result, their eyes get red and their colors fade.

3. Strawberry


This is Cranwell’s Horned Frog’s strawberry form, and it is predominantly varied shades of orange and red in color, with a creamy white belly and orange to red markings. The number of dots and the intensity of the color might vary greatly.

4. Samurai Ornate

Samurai Ornate Pacman Frog

Samurai Ornates come in a variety of colors and patterns, but they all have a lot of green and red in them. They will also have brown patches. There are several more ornately positioned spots throughout the body, just like the other Ornate types.


5. Samurai Lime Green Albino

Samurai Lime Green Albino Pacmans retain a green color, but their pattern and coloring are much more muted due to albino pigmentation. The exact level of color will vary depending on the frog. The only green found in certain Samurai Lime Green Albinos is on its flanks or on top of its eyes.

6. Samurai Apricot Albino

Samurai Apricot Albino Pacman Frog

One of the rare vividly colored albino frogs is the Samurai Apricot Albino. Their apricot color does not fade like that of other Albino Pacmans. They retain their vibrant colors, but they also have red eyes and lack other pigmentations. This is a truly one-of-a-kind morph.

7. Samurai Blue Line Ornate

If you prefer Pacmans that are quite large and have a lot of color, you’ll adore the Samurai Blue Line Ornate. This morph features a lot of red, yet there is a blue line along the body. These frogs have a distinct appearance and are difficult to overlook.

8. High Red Ornate

High Red Ornate

The High Red ornate is a highly bright Pacman Frog. It’s quite bright, with brilliant red spots. When naming reptiles and amphibians, the adjective “high” implies “bright” or “a lot,” implying that this frog has a lot of red.


9. Strawberry Pineapple

Strawberry Pineapple

Strawberry Pineapple Albino is another popular Pacman Frog morph. This frog is named from the fruits that it resembles. Standard Strawberry Pacmans have pinkish tones, but because it is albino, this individual variant has a duller color. It differs from the standard Albino Pacman in that it has pinkish tones.

10. Mint Green

Mint Green

Pacman Frog breeders enjoy naming their frog morphs after delicacies, if you couldn’t tell. The Mint Green Pacman has a considerably paler green tint than the ordinary Green Pacman. There are also lighter brown accents.

11. Citrus Albino

Citrus Albino

The Citrus Albino Pacman is a crossbreed between the Samurai Lime Green Albino and the Samurai Apricot Albino listed above. As a result, the bodies of these Pacman Frogs are bright yellow with orange dots. This frog is truly one-of-a-kind and stunning.

12. 4 Spot Patternless

4 Spot Patternless

The four-spot patternless form is predominantly green or teal, with a creamy white belly and dark green to brown markings. The number of dots and the intensity of the color might vary greatly.


14. Chocolate

Chocolate Pacman Frog

The chocolate shade (also known as camo or brown) is brown or tan in appearance, with a creamy white belly and dark brown to black markings. The number of dots and the intensity of the color might vary greatly.

15. Black Eye Mutant

This morph is quite unusual, making it a rarity in the frog world. The eyes are black, as the name implies, while the rest of its body is pink, almost like raw chicken. Little is known about this mutant, though it is frequently created when two blues are bred together.

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