15 More Ads Network You Can Use For Monetization

15 More Ads Network You Should Try For Monetization

Last week, we have given you 15 ads network you can use for monetize in your website, blog or vlog as there are plenty of other ad networks out there that’ll help you open new channels of growth and plenty of great reasons to use them. Now we add 15 more ads network that you can use for monetization.


1. Google Adsense

Well we know very well that google adsense have the most advertisers in the world ready to be in your websites. There area 1.5 million businesses are advertising through Google AdWords right now

According to WordStream Blog, the average CPC in AdWords across all industries is $2.69 for search and $0.63 for display (and the most expensive keywords are almost $55 per click!)

2. Hoovers

Hoovers is a business intelligence company that has provided information on various industries for the past 25 years. The site also offers profiles on numerous businesses and allows companies to be listed for only $49.95 which is a one-time fee that can result in significant exposure for your brand.

They have more than 170 million business records and they offers dynamic search and list-building capabilities, real-time trigger alerts, comprehensive company profiles, and valuable research and technology reports to help sellers get in the door first.

3. IAB

IAB is a free directory that serves companies across countless verticals. It’s an option to reach potential customers on a very limited budget, but paid members can receive much more exposure, since their listings receive preferred placement in the search engines.


4. Inmobi

Today’s consumer is evolving at a speed that is difficult to keep pace with. Leverage InMobi’s technology platform and exclusive access to mobile intelligence, and create new paths to understand, identify, engage and acquire consumers.

5. Instagram

Instagram is a mobile social networking site that focuses on sharing photos and one of the most visited social media in 2020. The site reportedly has over 600 million monthly users and is a great platform for engaging with customers who enjoy consuming visual content. 

6. Leadbolt

Leadbolt was originally founded as a CPA network for web traffic, but was later reorganized as a mobile ad network. Today, Leadbolt allows advertisers to choose between self-serve and full service platforms. From indie developers to global advertisers, more than 65,000 leading apps and marketers from around the world are succeeding with Leadbolt. 

7. Linkedin

LinkedIn is the premier social network for professionals, so it’s a great place for B2B advertisers to promote their messages. Advertising on the site is self-service and can be targeted by geography, job function, seniority and industry.

LinkedIn has 4 main types of ad placements, most of which are self-serve:

  • Sponsored Content. These are posts that show up in the newsfeed
  • Sponsored InMail. Paying to message people direct to their inbox. It’s essentially simple email marketing for LinkedIn.
  • Text Ads. Simple display ads that show above and to the right of the news feed.
  • Dynamic Ads. Also displayed to the right of the news feed, but offering more features that the user can interact with. Only available to clients who spend at least $25,000 in a single quarter (not self-serve).

8. Marin Software

MarinOne delivers customers, revenue, and ROI for digital advertisers. Marin has helped advertisers manage over $40 billion in search, social and eCommerce ad spend, in the process identifying three principles for growth.


9. Midroll

The podcast business is booming, and if you want to get your message in front of this captive audience, Midroll is your advertising partner. The network currently works with 120+ different shows that are downloaded more than 15 million times a month, in addition to providing advertisers with 24/7 access to spots and metrics.

The Podcast ads deliver an effective result as in 61% listeners would buy products from the ads itself.

10. Plugrush

Plugrush is a powerful, yet simple solution for digital marketing. The ad network was once used by adult websites to trade traffic with one another. However, it has since been applied to the purchase and sale of traffic in a wider range of industries. The network claims to serve more than 200 million impressions every day through mobile and web platforms at the moment.

11. Propel Media

Propel Media (formerly TrafficVance) is arguably the most popular pay per view (PPV) advertising solution in the world. Use it to reach customers through contextual textlinks and display ads. As you’ll see, Propel Media makes the platform as effortless as possible with visualized analytics that help you to monitor trends and editing features that help you easily edit your campaigns.

The ad network also give out benefits for publisher including:

  • Content Relevant Ads
  • Incremental Revenue
  • Top Quality Advertisers
  • Trusted Partners

12. Opt-Intelligence

Opt-Intelligence is an advertising solution that specializes in helping users build their email lists same as Mailchimps. Advertisers can promote their email opt-in forms to customers across hundreds or top-tier websites and mobile apps. Use it if your own email marketing efforts have been lacking, and you feel a broad appeal could be beneficial for your brand.

Opt-Intelligence also can get you leads from Facebook. All you need is to set-up your offer in the system and select Facebook as a lead source! Then, it’ll generate sign-ups for your offer directly in Facebook’s news feed. Cool right?

13. Outbrain

Outbrain is a great option for native advertising. The ad network claim to have 344 billion recommendations monthly and have 55+ countries in the network. However, the site has become much stricter about the types of ads that they’ll allow, after coming under fire for serving up misleading ads.

Advertisers can’t use it to market thin websites or to link to obvious sales landing pages, but if you don’t fall under one of these categories, you’ll find it an easy way to score some quick eyeballs from reputable publishers.

14. Revcontent

Revcontent isn’t as large as Taboola or Outbrain, but it’s growing remarkably fast. Revcontent empowers publishers to drive meaningful revenue streams and audience engagement through mutually beneficial business partnerships. The platform delivers 100 billion content recommendations a month, so it has plenty of volume to test your native ads campaigns. Your brand can use the site to reach customers through Forbes, NBC News, CBS Local and many other highly regarded publishers.

The platform also claim to have as below:

  • Guaranteed revenue uplift
  • Unique, first-party demand
  • Lighter, faster content recommendation technology
  • Smaller page footprint
  • Granular brand-safety and content quality controls

15. Centro.net

Centro.net was once called SiteScout. It was the first self-serve media buying network and remains the largest to this day. The company currently serves 31 billion ads per day across nearly 70,000 different websites. SiteScout offer real-time bidding and reporting, which enables advertisers to keep close tabs on their campaigns and optimize them for the highest possible ROI.

They claimed to have an effective automation for improve productivity, save time, and make fewer mistakes. They also can increased performance by consolidating digital strategy, operations, and data into one platform.

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