Ad Network For Monetization

15 Ad Networks For Monetization

Google and Facebook have become the most popular advertising platforms. But just because these two giants are the most used platforms for online advertising, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take advantage of other ad networks as well. There are plenty of other ad networks out there that’ll help you open new channels of growth and plenty of great reasons to use them.

There are many excellent ad networks out there to choose from, but which one is best for your business model? Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer to that question, as there are so many different factors that come into play. Here are a few variables you’ll want to take into consideration as you make your decision.

  • The Devices Your Customers Are Likely to Use: There are more than 62% of people made a purchase on a mobile device, only a third of consumers used both a mobile device and a desktop for the same purpose, and 80% of consumers used a mobile phone to research products and prices.
  • The Targeting Options Available to You: Today’s ad networks offer much more sophisticated targeting options than ever before, such as geographic location, demographic data, device, income and other elements. 
  • Run-of-Network Options: AdXpansion advises customers to consider using its RON (Run of Network) option, as it’s a great way to generate a lot of exposure at low CPM bids.
  • The Relevance of the Network’s Niche Publishers: If you’ve given a network a good try but aren’t seeing the results you need, don’t be afraid to pick another option from this list and try your luck elsewhere.

Ad Networks For Your Website(s)

1. AdBlade

Launched in January 2008, Adblade has built its business on unique ad units, and premium placements that allow both brand advertisers and top publishers to succeed in a crowded online marketplace. Adblade is the most innovative content-style ad platform, enabling advertisers to reach over 300 million monthly unique users across hundreds of top branded sites with the absolute assurance of brand-safety.

Adblade offers a winning combination of innovative proprietary ad units, massive scale, distribution through select top-tier publishers, as well as unique features that give advertisers the confidence they need to launch their brand and direct response campaigns.

2. AdParlor

Inspired by the Facebook ecosystem in 2008, AdParlor quickly became one of Facebook’s first official Marketing Partners. AdParlor since expanded our partnerships to include Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, DV360 & Pinterest.

AdParlor also considered themselves as experts at driving ROI & ROAS online with flexible solution, creative minds and smart tech for successful digital marketing strategies.

3. AdRecover

Ad Recover is an ad network that works by recovering your ad blocked inventory. Because of this, the network are able to monetize this in a way other publishers are not able to, which gives you a larger range of publishers to deploy your ads on.

4. AdRoll

An advertising platform that offers retargeting and multi-device display advertising services. Their retargeting feature is available for ads on Facebook, Twitter and countless other sites, while their staff offers excellent support to help you leverage retargeting to its fullest potential. Check it out if you’re new to retargeting and need some hand-holding to help get you up-to-speed. AdRoll is the perfect choice for making your online store a money making machine!

5. Adsterra

Are you looking for the best way to make money on the blog? Do you have a movie’s website, online casino, a gaming portal or a dating service? Then you might have thought about earning from online advertising or affiliate marketing.

With over 12,000 advertiser waiting for you to simply put their ads onto your very own website. It only takes about 10 minutes for an approval!


6. Airnowmedia

Airnowmedia have target over 100 million monthly active users across 300,000 active mobile devices and sites for more impressions, more engagement and more conversions. The company are build since 2011 and have been provided advanced targeting and optimization technology on the market ever since.

7. Amazon

Amazon owns a massive 44% of the e-commerce market share in the U.S. When customers want to buy a product, most often they skip the search engines and jump straight on to Amazon. To help sellers reach those customers, they’ve created Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). The system is completely self-serve, so you can launch ads ASAP (although they only let you advertise products that are on sale within their ecosystem, no outbound URLs).

They have three types of ads, all of which can be targeted based on keyword or product category and are bid for with a PPC system):

  • Headline search ads: Display 3 or more products at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).
  • Sponsored products: Appear at the top and bottom of SERP with organic listings (like AdWords on Google). These can also display under the “Related Products” sections at the bottom of other product pages.
  • Display ads: Essential banner ads that display on the right-hand side of some screens.

8. Atlas Solutions / Facebook

Atlas Solutions is a Facebook affiliate. Atlas offers unique targeting options, allows you to reach the same customers across different devices and provides analytics to measure the impact of ads for offline conversions.

9. BookBub

BookBub is a site that gives millions of readers great deals on popular books. Readers subscribe to their email list to receive new book deals, and advertisers can pay to have their book promoted on the platform. 

If you have a lead magnet that’s performing particularly well for your business, you could upload it as a free (or paid) Amazon Kindle book. Then you can promote it on BookBub to reach readers who are interested in your content.

You can get specific with your targeting on the BookBub platform as well target by author interests, category interests, and more. On top of that, BookBub ads aren’t subject to any sort of editorial selection process, meaning that as long as the book complies with their policies, it can be promoted.

10. BuySellAds

BSA Optimize is designed to provide publishers with a unique yield optimization toolkit, including best-in-class programmatic display header bidding solutions, proprietary demand, as well custom integrated self-serve platforms to streamline the sales funnel.

Overall, it’s a great way for businesses that have proven their paid advertising ROI to scale their campaigns.


11. Commission Factory

Commission Factory is Australia and Asia Pacific’s leading affiliate network, but with a global remit as a result of its partnerships with Awin and Shareasale.

One of the unique selling points of their network is that they use a Commission Per Sale (CPS) model, allowing advertisers to run cost-effective performance basis campaigns. Cart abandonment, behavioral targeting, and paid search are other complementary solutions that can be used to boost advertiser campaigns.

12. Conversant Media

Conversant partners with the world’s largest brands and delivers media across all devices and platforms. They have partnerships with 4,000 quality brands, so you’ll have access to all the premium advertisers bidding for your ad space.

They have 96% accuracy at matching consumers to devices and 80% consumers stay reachable after 1 year advertise

13. Dedicated Emails

Dedicated Emails is an email marketing company that originally started off serving companies in the self-help niche in 1997. A couple of years ago, they expanded their services to companies in other verticals, allowing brands in a wide variety of niches to use Dedicated Emails to generate thousands of targeted leads.

14. Epom

One of the unique selling points of the Epom Ad Marketplace is that they offer a 14-day trial through which you can receive up to 1 billion free impressions. Epom ad server has been featured in Bloomberg, and VentureBeat for Top Ad Servers in 2018.

15. Exponential

Exponential is a global digital agency that connects advertisers with over 600 million daily users. They are one of the only advertising networks that allows you to market to viewers on multiple devices, enabling you to create highly targeted ads that provide a uniform experience across different devices. Their responsive ads allow you to create a consistent branding campaign, regardless of the devices on which you reach your viewers.


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