10 More Ads Network You Should Try

Last week, we have given you 15 ads network you can use for monetize in your website, blog or vlog as there are plenty of other ad networks out there that’ll help you open new channels of growth and plenty of great reasons to use them. Now we add 10 more ads network that you can use for monetization. We hope these 40 ads network can help you monetize your very own blog and give you an opportunity to just working comfortable on your bed…. or sofa.

1. SmartyAds

SmartyAds is a programmatic advertising purchasing tool that links marketers with premium multinational newspapers, SSPs, and ad networks that cater to a variety of demographics. These audiences can be easily monitored using the self-serve DSP dashboard’s cross-device and cross-channel targeting options. Advertisers use narrow targeting to screen commercials only to the people who are interested in them.


2. Spotify

Spotify Advertising enables companies of all types to reach out to interested listeners as they are streaming their favorite music. Create an impression for your first audio ad today. For as little as $250, you can get started with our self-serve platform. That’s not all, it also enables you to send your message at the very moment when users are more receptive to it. You can target listeners in a variety of ways, including environments, computers, times, and formats, using our targeting tools.

Spotify breaks their advertising into 4 main categories; audio, video, display, and also partnerships. The podcast revolution is here. And they just announced some exciting news to help advertisers be a part of it!


While SRDS is not an advertisement network, it does provide a wealth of knowledge about other networks. They gather as much data on media networks as they can in order to assist marketers in making more educated marketing decisions. While the network started with radio, newspaper, and television advertisements, it has since expanded into the lucrative digital media landscape.

Agencies and brands use SRDS as an affordable, all-in-one resource to find and compare digital and traditional media across business, consumer and geographic audiences. They rely on this extensive dataset of U.S. media to make informed decisions and initiate contact with media reps directly from the planning platform.


4. Taboola

Another native ads site worth investigating is Taboola. They appear to have a broader presence than Outbrain and other native ad distributors, with placements on The Motley Fool, The Atlantic, Ben & Jerry’s, and Netflix among the Taboola network’s publishers. They claim that there are over 10,000 digital properties use Taboola to acquire new audiences, increase engagement, and drive revenue.

5. TrafficForMe

100% Real Clicks from English Speaking Countries. No B.S. Guaranteed. If this does not satisfied you then this will. They have a great traffic for health, survival, financial and personal development.

One of the oldest email marketing agencies in the world is TrafficForMe. Since 1999, they’ve been testing traffic, giving them the information and skills they need to get your message on the right lists. The network will produce up to 100,000 clicks a day, which is enough of traffic for almost every initiative.


6. TrafficJunky

For businesses in the adult vertical, TrafficJunky is a run of network (RON) ad site that specializes in CPA and CPM traffic. The business is commonly regarded as one of the most prominent sources of traffic for adult marketers, serving ads to 141 million people every day.

7. Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media is an ad network that works with over 6,600 premium publisher sites to help advertisers position their ads. In-text, in-image, lightbox, storyboard, and mosaic ads are among the ad formats available. Vibrant will position your ad in the middle of premium content on various publisher platforms, ensuring that it is viewed by a targeted audience and that customer trust is established. Not just that, they also analyses the content in which the ad appears to ensure that it is shown in the appropriate way.

8. Viewbix

Viewbix is a fun app that lets you transform video content into engaging advertising that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. To increase your popularity, you can embed the videos on your own website or on the websites of other publishers.


9. Yahoo!

Regardless of your feelings about the service, according to Alexa, Yahoo! is the world’s sixth most visited website. Advertisers can attract over 1 billion active monthly users via the engine’s advertisement network and target them based on geography, age, and a variety of other demographic factors. Yahoo! has long been known for its search advertising, but they also also sell native and video ads on the internet and on mobile devices.

10. Youtube

YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing site and second-largest search engine, and its advertisement network is equally strong. Advertisers may use YouTube to create highly interactive show or overlay advertisements in videos, as well as target viewers based on ages, subjects, keywords, and interests.

In comparison to other sites, they count views in a unique way. A view on YouTube is only counted when anyone views 30 seconds or the whole video (whichever comes first). However, since it is so huge, it is often more complex, with a plethora of targeting options and display formats.

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