Beginner's Pet Snakes

10 Pet Snake for Beginner

Getting a pet snake can be a fun and exciting experience for all ages. If you are tired of furry pets like cats, dogs or hamsters, or want to keep an exotic animal as your first pet. You can see a list of snake breeds below. Snakes are very different from other pets. Furthermore, each breed has very different conditions of care. You need the one that best suits your ability and care.

1. Cornsnake

corn snake

Cornsnake is the most popular pet snake in the world. Originally from the United States. This breed is red – brown, orange and usually has dark red – black spots. However, there has been a lot of breeding done from the past until now and it has produced an interesting variety of colors.

If it is still wild, only the trained can catch it. This breed is much healthier and behaves better at the pet store. You will need to store this breed in a 20 gallon tank, which is the size of a modest fish aquarium. The tank should be at a temperature of 22 ˚C to 32 ˚C.

Its favorite food is rats. The main reason it is called a famous pet snake is because it rarely has health problems as well as other problems such as specialized care .The small ones have a length of 10 to 12 inches. and it can live for 20 years from an early age. Cornsnake is perfect for anyone new to this pet.

2. California King Snake


California King is a descendant of the King Snake. It is also native to the United States. The body color is brown – black with stripes or yellow spots. This breed has a length between 2.5 feet to 5 feet. It is very active during the day but it still chooses to be in dark areas.

This California King is perfect for beginner as it can be stored in a 20 gallon tank and you only need to give the rats a meal. Although it is shy but it can be benign in the long run.

As a precaution, this pet snake will attack if feeling threatened or stressed by the tank atmosphere. But he is willing to hide from biting. It requires basic care only and that is enough to satisfy her.

3. Ball Python

Ball python

Ball Python gets its name from its defensive techniques. It will form like a ball when threatened. This breed can be found in Africa. This pet snake favorite place is to be in the meadow possibly digging rat holes to get food.

It is very active at night and likes to hide during the day. Usually this species has a brown color with light colored spots. Adults are about 3.5 feet to 5 feet long and can live up to 30 years. The Ball Python is a tame snake and rarely bites its master. This snake menu is the same as the others i.e. rats. Ball Python has a very simple maintenance routine.

4. Rosy Boa

rosy boa

Rosy Boa is a brown – pink color and can adapt in brackets quickly. It can be found along the west coast of the United States and Mexico.

This species does not bite or attack its master. It’s certainly easy for new people to take care of. Moreover, its lifespan is quite long, it can live for 30 years. You can get this pet snake at any exotic pet store. This species is best known as a tame snake. This is because rosy boa is easy to care for and has simple but not as popular needs as these top three.


5. Milk Snake


Just like the California King Snake, the Milk Snake is also a descendant of the King Snake. It is native to the United States and Mexico. Usually this breed has a black, white, and red body ring pattern. Its lifespan is more than 20 years.

Often found in forests or rocky areas. Next, they are more comfortable enjoying the hot weather on rocks and wood. You need to place a heater under the tank to get the perfect atmosphere for this pet snake.

6. Gopher Snake

Gopher Snake

Gopher Snake has another name which is Bull Snake or Pine Snake. This snake is native to the western part of the United States. They are easily identifiable as rattlesnakes because they have a round nose and pupils but they have no fangs. These snakes are nocturnal and diurnal animals. (nocturnal is a night watch animal while diurnal is a day watch animal)

This breed is longer than the snakes found on this list. Gophers have the potential to grow 4.5 feet long. It will hiss and wag its tail if threatened just like a rattlesnake, but its bite is not venomous. This pet snake can live up to 20 years.

7. Garter Snake

Garter Snake

Garter is one of the most commonly found wild snakes in the United States. The food is worms and small fish. Although its diet is very different from other snakes, its light and temperature requirements are still the same.

These snakes only reach 1.5 to 2 feet long and only a few are able to reach 4 feet. It has different stripes behind them. His favorite places are meadows, swamps and forests. You can put water in a 20 gallon tank for it to swim in and a sunbathing place to relax. This pet snake is very tame and doesn’t bother you even in the woods. It is the best pet for you as a beginner.

8. Rainbow Boa

Rainbow Boa

Rainbow Boa is native to South America and is not recommended to those of you who have no experience in keeping a snake due to its shy and aggressive attitude. However, it also has its own distinctive qualities that make it the best pet. Among them is Rainbow Boa who is famous and appreciated for his amazing skin color. With proper lighting, it will produce a radiant glow on her skin.

This breed requires special care and a certain tank atmosphere with high heat and humidity. Since its native habitat is a tropical climate, you are advised to anticipate this requirement first before you place the pet snake into the vivarium tank. It is very easily restless or stressed if it is uncomfortable but this snake is indeed tame and can be petted.


9. Ringneck Snake

Ringneck Snake

The Ringneck Snake is a breed of snake native to North America. It has a yellow or orange ring pattern on its neck. Its body size is very small with only 1 foot in length. These pet snakes usually eat earthworms and require detailed requirements such as proper temperature and light. It also takes a long time to adjust to you before it becomes tame with you.

This snake has a venom in its fangs but is not dangerous enough for humans. His mouth and teeth are very small. It can only live for 10 years.

10. Smooth Green Snake

Green Smooth Snake

This snake is native to North America and has a very thin body. It can be placed in a small tank (10 gallons). You can also give it insects as food but you can’t hold it for long. This is because this breed is prone to stress.

Smooth Green has the usual requirements. What makes this pet snake rank lower on this list is that it is more difficult to keep. Also, its small size makes it easy to maintain. Its lifespan is only 15 years and the cost of its pet depends on its place of origin.

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