Magnificent Owls In The World

10 Magnificent Owl In The World

Owls are one of magnificent birds. These birds has large eyes, a round or heart -shaped face, and have numerous beautiful feathers. There are two types of species in this world, the Barn Owl and the True Owl . The majority of the 200 species are True Owls. While 16 species of Barn Owls. These animals can be between 6 inches to over 2 feet in size. If you want to know these birds are very active at night ( nocturnal ) and they have many unique ways to catch their prey. Below is a list of the 10 most magnificent owl in the world.

1. Long-Eared Owl (Asio otus)

Long-Eared Owl

This magnificent owl species can be found in North America, Europe, and even Asia. It lives in the abandoned nests of other birds the same size as eagles, crows, or crows. True owl’s food consists mainly of small mammals in open ground areas.

2. Barn Owl (White Tyto)

Barn Owl

With a ‘love’ shaped face, this Barn Owl species is found on every continent except Antarctica. It is the most numerous and easily found species. Barn Owls only hunt at night on open ground. When they nest, it will store a large number of rodent species, and small mammals to feed their young.

If you want to know Barn Owls have incredible hearing and fine fur that hide their bodies from their prey until they manage to catch their prey unnoticed.

3. Speckled Owl (Pulsatrix Perspicillata)

Speckled Owl

Originated in South Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America, these species prefers to live in dense rainforests. This magnificent owl is able to move fast this catches small mammals that are active at night.

Its name is given by the appearance of those who have white markings around their yellow eyes that look like spectacles. They are also good at hiding in tropical foliage.

4. Oriental Bay Owl (Phodilus Badius)

Oriental Bay Owl

Oriental Bay owls are commonly active at night and can be found throughout Southeast Asia. Habitat of choice is in dense green tropical forests near river waters or beaches. It looks the same as the Barn Owl but smaller in size. 

It uses holes in trees and stumps for nesting and mating. It also hunts its’ prey by waiting on tree branches hidden from view.


5. Northern Saw-Whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus)

Northern Saw-Whet Owl

Northern Saw-Whet is one that has a height of seven to eight inches and is one of the smallest species found in North America. These magnificent owls get their name because their nickname is like a saw sharpened on a white stone. Due to their small size and active at night, they are commonly heard but rarely seen. This species inhabits forests and feeds on small mammals.

6. Snowy Owl (Bubo Scandiacus)

Snowy Owl

Although Snowy Owl can be found primarily in the Arctic Tundra of North America, Europe, and Asia, this snow-spotted bird will occasionally visit the East Coast of the United States. This species is one of the largest owls and is the heaviest species in North America.

When it is hungry, this magnificent owl will seek out and eat mainly lemming (rat species) and in the mating season, it will stop mating when there is a shortage of lemming supply in the North Pole. Snow owls are listed as endangered by the IUCN.

7. Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo)

Eurasian Eagle-Owl

One of the largest species having a wing span of five to six and a half feet. This powerful predator eats all animals, from small mammals to snakes and other reptiles. Larger prey such as foxes or other birds and owls of the same size will also be eaten by it.

 It is found throughout Europe and Asia. Next, it occupies a variety of habitats including forests, deserts, and mountains. They have nests in crevices of rocks as well as at cave entrances. Its reproduction increases when food resources are plentiful and decreases in times of shortage of supply.

8. Tawny Owl (Strix aluco)

Tawny Owl

Tawny Owl is one of the true owl that spans the Southern Palearctic Region to the Iberian Peninsula and East to China. In addition, this species makes its home in the woods as well as in your garden. You can also find Tawny in cemeteries and it is one of the most common species in England.

It will hunt its favorite prey such as rats, birds, insects, and frogs especially at night or the time between dusk and dawn. This magnificent owl is very careful of its area. They make themselves known by loud calls and will attack to defend their nests and groups.


9. Great Horned Owl (Bubo Virginianus)

Great Horned Owl

One of the most widespread and easily adaptable species in America, it is capable of breeding at altitudes from sea level to over 10,000 feet. This powerful predator is a nocturnal hunter with a diet that includes mammals, snakes and birds.

This magnificent owl has a special Hoot call and it is essential for the mate to defend their nesting area vigorously.

10. Spotted Wood-Owl (Strix Seloputo)

Spotted Wood-Owl

This orange Spotted Wood owl can be found in several areas throughout Southeast Asia. This species lives in open forests or forest habitats and is usually found close to waters. It has a striped color pattern that helps it hide in a shaded canopy. Spotted Wood owl has its main diet which is small mammals hunted from tree branches.

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