Largest cat as a pet

10 Largest Cat As a Pet

Have you ever dreamed of your own pet? A furry animal with a color that has a striped pattern and even spots like a tiger. This largest cat is something else as one of the breed is very famous as a pet because of both its size and its very low pet cost. But there are some breeds that are larger in size. They also deserve the same love as everyone else.

10 Largest Cat

1. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

The so called “Gentle Giant” is the largest pet cat in the world. A beautiful Maine Coon can weigh up to 18 pounds on average, but some can even weigh more than 20 pounds. Furthermore, these cats are known for their long bodies. The silky, shaggy, and thick coat of this breed is also not to be overlooked. The coat gives these cats a “wild” look, according to some, particularly when combined with their large size.

These gentle giants make excellent pets because they are muscular, hardy, playful, and sweet. It’s no surprise that they’re one of the most common breeds because they like being around people and are articulate and autonomous. If you’re thinking of adopting one of these amazing cats, you can bet they’ll want to spend as much time as possible with you.

2. Ragdoll


The ragdoll’s name comes from its docile, cuddly, and affectionate personality. When picked up, ragdolls crumble into their beloved person’s arms, almost like a rag doll. Their origins remain shrouded in mystery, and several theories have been proposed, including CIA studies. In the 1990s, this fantastic family-friendly breed achieved fame in the United States.

Each one can weigh in about 10 to 20 pounds and reach the height of 9 to 11 inches. When Ragdolls come into a venue, they obviously steal the stage. Their silky coat and light eyes (many have stunning blue eyes) give them an attractive appearance, but they are still affectionate and laid-back. They’ll be happy to spend time with you, and they’re a smart pick if you’re looking for a kitty that gets along with other children and pets.

3. Ragamuffin


These sweet Ragamuffin have a laid-back demeanor same as Ragdoll, making them ideal family pets. They’re both intelligent and like having a good time, but they mostly like to be in the company of others. However, when one of these fur babies is laying on your lap, you’ll notice it because they will weigh up to 20 pounds. In addition to their magnificent looks, these cats, like Ragdolls, enjoy going limp when held.

They are docile, affectionate, and adaptable. They are not too vocal or active. The kittens are white when they are young, but their coats change when they get older, and since they age slowly, they will not achieve full physical maturity until they are about 4 years old.

4. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cat

Breeders in Norway mixed domestic cats with wild forest cats to create these big, robust cats. After its domestication, the breed has evolved into a wonderfully friendly, playful, and intelligent breed. The Norwegian forest cat is an excellent companion to have at your side.

These social kitties have a stunning coat that is also water-resistant. It could take up to five years for them to achieve full size due to their sluggish growth. These large cats can weigh from 13 to 20 pounds when fully grown.


5. Siberian

Siberian Cat

Siberian cats are known for their size and personalities. These sweet cats, like all of the other big breeds on this page, love cuddling with their owners and are intelligent and playful. These cats can weigh up to 20 pounds. They also have a lovely coat, which is one of the breed’s distinguishing characteristics. You won’t be able to avoid petting this kitty.

With its affectionate and playful demeanor, the Siberian can make an outstanding puppy. Siberian cats enjoy being with their human relatives, and they are notorious for being very talkative. Don’t be surprised if your Siberian enjoys playing in water as well.

6. British Shorthair

British Shorthair

Because of its independent nature, the stocky British Shorthair is a calm and sweet breed that doesn’t need much. The round features of these cats are well-known, but they are also very large. They can weigh up to 18 pounds on average. If you’re looking for a cuddly and affectionate furry companion who isn’t too insecure or busy, the British Shorthair is a good choice.

These cats are known for being sweet to children and other creatures, as well as loyal to their owners, but they aren’t the best lap cats. Nonetheless, when given a lot of affection, these calm felines know it and return it to the people with whom they form bonds.

7. Savannah


The Savannah cat is a hybrid between a house cat and a serval, an African medium-sized wild cat with distinctively big ears. The Savannah is a common pet among big cat enthusiasts due to its rare, leopard-like look. Savannah cats are categorized according to how much of each breed they include, which helps owners understand how truly feral they are.

Savannah can reach the height between 10 to 17 inches while weigh in about 12 to 25 pounds in adulthood. You can only find them in short to medium length coat with black, brown spotted tabby, black silver spotted tabby, and black smoke with a solid or tabby pattern.

8. Chausie


The Chausie, who is a cross between the Jungle Cat and the Abyssinian, is a large cat that can weigh up to 30 pounds. Their long frames, as well as their playful and caring personalities, make these athletic and enthusiastic cats stand out. When you see a Chausie, you can’t help but be impressed. They have a unique and exotic appearance because they are majestic, strong, and so big.

They don’t have a bushy coat like some other large breeds; instead, they have a sleek coat that emphasizes their athletic build. Overall, you could fall in love with these awesome cats right away.


9. Bengal


Bengal cats resemble small wild cats and are bigger than most domestic cat species. These curious, wise, optimistic, and playful cats like to be a member of the family, with a long, slender body and a weight range of up to 18 pounds on average. These cats have a distinct personality in addition to their exotic appearance.

These affectionate felines love spending time with you and they are faithful while they aren’t having fun with you and making you laugh. This is yet another large breed that enjoys warmth. When you have a Bengal by your side, there is never a boring moment.

10. American Bobtail

American Bobtail

This domesticated house cat is distinguished from other breeds by its distinctively short, stubby bobbed tail. It also has long hind legs and a keen hunting gaze, which are bobcat-like characteristics. Yodie, a cat discovered abandoned at a hotel in Arizona by a vacationing couple, is thought to be the source of the first American bobtails.

American Bobtail can come in any color and pattern but all of them will have bobbed tail. Each one will reach 9 to 10 inches height and can weigh from 7 to 16 pounds as adult cat.

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