Women Body Shapes

10 Common Woman Body Shapes

A 2004 study reported that descriptions of female bodies have historically been described in categories based on shapes, such as triangle, rectangle, diamond, and hourglass.

As you may know, our bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. That is part of what distinguishes each of us. It is critical to understand that there is no such thing as a “average” or “normal” body. Some of us are curvier, while others have narrower hips or wider shoulders.

Remember that we’re all unique. Nonetheless, most of us may classify our form into a few broad types. Some of the most common general categories include:

  • Rectangle
  • Triangle or “pear”
  • Inverted triangle or “apple”
  • Hourglass

It’s vital to realize that body type classification isn’t a precise science. Often, there is a lot of variation within a single “type.”

Type of Body Shapes

1. Rectangle


If your waist measurement are around the same as your hip or bust measures, and your shoulders and hips are roughly the same breadth, you have a “banana” or rectangular body shape.

Off-the-shoulder tops, tube dresses, and belted waists are likely to be recommended by stylists.

2. Athletic

You may have an athletic body type if your physique is muscular but not very curvaceous. Your shoulder and hip measurements are nearly identical. Your waist is narrower than your shoulders and hips, yet it lacks definition and seems more straight up and down.

Halter, strapless, and racerback styles are frequently mentioned by stylists.

3. Round

You have a round or oval body type if your bust is larger than the rest of your body, your hips are narrower, and your midsection is fuller.

Stylists frequently recommend blouses with vertical features or tops with flare with this body type.

4. Triangle

Triangle Body Shape

Your shoulders and bust are narrower than your hips if you have this shape. You most likely have thin arms and a well-defined waist. Most likely, your waist slides out to your hips.

Stylists frequently propose clothing that highlights the waistline.


5. Spoon

The spoon body type resembles the triangle or “pear” shape. Your hips are larger than your bust or the rest of your body and may resemble a “shelf.” You most likely have a well-defined waist. You may also be carrying weight in your upper arms and thighs.

Look for dresses with traditional “baby doll” shapes or other items with an empire waist if you’re encouraged to.

6. Inverted Triangle

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

You have an inverted triangle or “apple” shape if your shoulders and bust are larger than your comparatively slender hips.

Tops with some shape around the waist and more open necklines, as well as attire that shows off your legs, may be recommended by stylists.

7. Diamond

You have a diamond body shape if your hips are wider than your shoulders, you have a narrow breast, and you have a larger waistline. You may bear a little more weight in your upper legs if you have this type. You can also have long, slender arms.

For this body type, flowy off-the-shoulder or boat-neck tops are usually advised.

8. Hourglass

Hourglass Body Shape

You have an hourglass figure if your hips and bust are about equal in size and you have a well-defined waist that is thinner than both. Your legs and upper body are most likely proportionate while your shoulders may be slightly rounded, and your buttocks are most certainly rounded.

Clothing that is form-fitting or tailored has typically been made with this body shape in mind.


9. Upper Hourglass

You have the general hourglass form as a top hourglass, however your bust dimensions are somewhat larger than your hips.

Boot cut or slightly flared jeans, full or A-line skirts, and fitted jackets will most likely fit you well.

10. Bottom Hourglass

You have the general hourglass shape as a bottom hourglass, however your hip measures are somewhat larger than your bust.

You will most likely fit to wear form-fitting knits and dresses.

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