Best Hamster Food

10 Best Hamster Food To Be Given

The majority of a pet hamster’s diet should consist of the best hamster food. The high-quality, store-bought food prepared exclusively for hamsters. Even if you limit your pet food options to hamster food, the pet store might be intimidating. The decisions don’t stop when you go home and want to give your hamster new feeds and treats.

Pellet Diet

First in our best hamster food list is of course no other than pelleted diets. The pellet can take numerous forms, but the most common are mini biscuits, cookies, or cereal. With loose seed mixes, a hamster might be fussy, consuming only their favorite things, resulting in an unbalanced diet. Pelletized feeds prevent this, although they are monotonous and some hamsters will refuse them.

A pelleted mix can be supplemented with other foods as long as the pelleted food is the primary source of nutrition.

Seed Diet

As mention above, It is critical to choose a loose seed mix diet that includes a variety of foods such as grains and dry vegetables, as well as some seeds. Seed is considered as best hamster food since the loose seed mixtures include a balanced pellet food as part of the mix which is very ideal to be given to your little buddy.

If you’ve finished your hamster’s bag of kibble and are still waiting for paycheck or a delivery, there are many of alternatives for feeding your hamster while you wait for more compressed pellets.

Best Hamster Food

Alternative Diet

You can give your hamster a range of human foods as long as you keep treats to no more than 10% of his or her diet. Avoid processed foods in favor of whole grains, fresh veggies, and fruit. Store-bought treats like yoghurt drops and honey/seed sticks are too sweet for hamsters and should be avoided. Below show 7 alternative best hamster food:


Broccoli is high in fiber and low in sugar, and every portion of the plant can be offered to your hamster. It’s also abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making it the first food for our alternative best hamster food supplement!



Carrots, despite being on the sweet side for a vegetable, are a fantastic occasional diet for your guinea pig due to their high Vitamin C and fiber levels. You can give your pet the entire plant, including the green tops.


Cauliflower, which is low in calories but high in vitamins and fiber, is a fantastic choice for hamster due to its high Vitamin C concentration.


Kale is a popular superfood that is wonderful for your pet’s digestive health and is recommended by the Humane Society for giving to your hamster. It’s also high in Vitamin C, therefore it’s worth feeding on a daily basis.

Romaine Lettuce

The high fiber content of Romaine lettuce will help keep your hamster’s digestion running smoothly. It is far more nutritionally packed than Iceberg lettuce. Before giving your pet leafy green veggies, always carefully wash them to remove any bacteria and dangerous residues.



If provided in moderation, all of the squash kinds can be a valuable supplement to your hamster’s diet. Zucchini and butternut squash are two typical kinds that, while strong in sugar, are also abundant in beneficial nutrients.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is somehow got into our best hamster food, but it must be served with caution because it can get stuck in their cheek pouches and create serious issues. As an occasional treat, a very thin layer on a piece of wood is OK, but peanut butter should be administered with caution.

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